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Woman Up, Revolutions

To end the hat trick of the Woman Up posts – one and two – I present the blogger bbsezmore (the link is to her blog’s home page). She’s a married woman of undetermined age living in a place where I don’t know. That doesn’t matter. What matters is that she did a Woman Up experiment to see the results.

The posts are based on an initial challenge from Susan Walsh over at Hooking up Smart.

There are eight posts that are required reading for my female readers and worth of spreading far and wide over the interwebs. I’ve arranged them in the proper order (with the full length URL for easy copy and paste):


It’s worth reading every single post in the series which include BB’s and her husband’s observations. The comments are interesting, too. As well, BB has plenty of other posts that are relevant to the whole Woman Up concept.

Let’s all say it again, Woman Up.


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20 thoughts on “Woman Up, Revolutions

  1. Interesting how a woman being in her “natural state” could cause such internal turmoil. lol
    We (as men) responded to her better, she naturally responded better to us… I fail to see how any woman would not “grab that ball” and run with it considering the response that BB received.
    On the other hand, could the same experiment be done on a guy, but with masculine upgrades and changes. The idea of wearing a suit everyday ranks up there with root canal work. lol Would the results be the same or comparable I wonder. I know for myself when I do wear a suit and primp a bit more to look just so, I walk a bit taller, have more charisma and a thicker backbone. Might be interesting to try it out and take notes to see if things actually changed in a guys daily routine.

  2. just visiting on said:

    Don’t forget Belita.

  3. just visiting on said:

    woman up part three- Revolutions

    Ahhhh, I’m a little slow, but I get the reloaded and revolutions reference now. Red pill indeed.

  4. Woman up.

    Say it with me:

    Keep your hair long, your makeup on, and your weight down.




    Enjoyable to be around.

    Modest dress.

    Demure, discreet demeanor.


    Selective in her sex partners.

    Do these things, young woman, and you’ll go far. You’ll also find it much easier to find and keep love in your life.

    Woman up.

    • You forgot, be interested in things other than MTV and Hollywood.
      Someone spending the rest of their life with one person, wants someone they can speak to and discover new things with.
      Stupidity, while charming to start, quickly becomes unattractive.

      Of course, there is a caveat there.
      She may only be stupid around men she doesn’t think she needs to impress.
      That’s the whole “you’re not worth my best” idea…

  5. Thanks for the link love, PrivateMan!

    Jester says “Interesting how a woman being in her “natural state” could cause such internal turmoil.”

    Ah, but that’s because I grew up thinking that expressing femininity was wrong:

    “On the other hand, could the same experiment be done on a guy, but with masculine upgrades and changes.”

    This would be interesting, indeed.

    • “On the other hand, could the same experiment be done on a guy, but with masculine upgrades and changes.”

      It’s called Game and it works.

    • Yes, I realized that as soon as I hit “post”. 🙂

    • just visiting on said:

      As a result some of the worst sexist behaviour is from women themselves. Every now and then, I’ll wear something pink. I know ahead of time what to expect, but it’s interesting. I’ll get compliments or no reaction from men. (Even in a job setting)
      With women, it’s like waving a red flag in front of a Bull. “I would never wear pink.” “I hate pink”, “Never wear pink at work, bla, bla, bla. The looks of hostility , honestly. Total strangers will feel the need to vent. There is some serious self loathing toward the feminine.

      • Work is a very different environment.

        If you’re working in the normal, politically correct environment, men should never, ever comment on your appearance. That could result in a sexual harassment lawsuit.

        Women will attack you for being feminine because of intra-sex competition.

        The irony in all this? Given today’s political correctness, only the strongest and most independent of women can truly Woman Up to embrace being honestly feminine.

        How screwed up is that?

  6. just visiting on said:

    It’s screwed up. I’m rather dominant around other women, so the first few comments are usually the last. Compliments are a scary thing in the work place. It can end badly. I’m of the opinion that I don’t care anymore. The culture doesn’t change unless we do, and that means being (Ahem) independant and strong enough to live your life, and deal with the consequences. Appeasing hyper sensitive behaviour only gets you more of the same. Though I haven’t worked as an employee for quite some time. A lot of my adulthood was either in the home, or self employed.

  7. Thank you PR, for providing the links.
    I have read them and actually posted a response to Bb awaiting approval.

    I actually got fired from my job last year because I was working for a feminist who was attempting to pound it into me and the other woman we worked with (a young 20 year old)…you know feminist stuff. You don’t need a man type of thing.

    I told her I was not into being a feminist but a FEMININE woman.
    I think she fired me about a month or so afterward. (Oh, and I too had begun wearing pink.:)) I had ended an engagement, abruptly, the year before, and decided that I did not want the type of guy with whom I had been.
    So I knew I would have to change.

    I was even taking a course on femininity based out of neuro-science, where I was getting certified to teach it. We delve deep into the woman’s & man’s psyche and how inside out we are right now.

    I related so much to Bb’s process as I went through that in 2009.
    Although, I did NOT feel uncomfortable with men doing things for me. I accepted these gifts graciously.

    However, I did have to overcome the thought that “men only want to have sex with you” as a bad thing.
    That was taught to me as soon as I became of an impregnable age.

    Thank GOD they want to have sex with me!!
    Could you imagine if NO MAN wanted to have sex with you!?
    That would be horrible.
    Just don’t have sex with all of them.

    There is one thing I would like to add that Bb made a comment about in her last post of her project and deti made this one:

    Keep your hair long, your makeup on, and your weight down.

    It takes her male counterpart to help with this. And many men today, not all, are NOT willing.
    Two ways:
    1) as Bb says, you need to take the kids and chores off her back so she has the TIME to do these things.
    2) This is a very HOT BUTTON, brace yourself, especially for men these days- She needs to not have to worry about FINANCES.

    When a woman does not have time and money– it is very difficult to remain feminine. As Bb stated- it takes a lot of time to put herself together, not to mention she has to go out shopping periodically to keep up a fresh look. (Mind you I said nothing about labels.)

    Being feminine may not SEEM to be an efficient use of time or money. It does, though, help keep the chemistry alive in a relationship.
    To produce at work she has to use her masculinity.
    To do chores and nurture the kids. She uses her masculine.
    To be able to be in her feminine for her man, she needs to get back into her BODY. And this can take an hour in the bath and 30 minutes to do her makeup and hair.
    Plus, if you want her to keep her booty in shape, she needs to be able to exercise, which should be about 30 m – 1 h/day.

    And if the man in the relationship does not want to do any of these, he will need to provide the finances to apply towards hiring help to do it. If she is already doing it– she will resent him when he wants something more form her. She will be on overload.

    Two games in town: Sex & Money.

    Love – as we all know on these posts is tested by the lack of either of these.

  8. OffTheCuff on said:

    Not quite, PotentE.

    Being feminine does take *some* time, but not an entire paycheck’s worth. 90% of the effect can be done in 10% of the time.

    Working out does not take a lot of time or money. You can get in very good shape by not eating crap, and doing bodyweight exercises at home with minimal to no equipment. This is easily doable with a job and kids. Women who spend hours at the gym in steady-state cardio or running are flat-out wasting their time.

    Same, dressing well doesn’t take a lot of money either. You can dress like a schlub with expensive mall and catalog clothes or look really good picking out flattering clothes at Target.

    True, to be very high-end in the looks department takes this amount of effort and money. But that’s not today’s problem. Maintaining a decent weight and physique that puts you well above the average fat slob, certainly does not require a “sugar daddy”.

    • just visiting on said:

      To be fair to Potent E, she didn’t mention anything about sugar daddies or long hours at the gym. Her request is a fair one. The time it takes to get ready with hair and make up, as well as work out is time that she’s not looking after the kids or home.
      Interupting or complaining about this time is frustrating and demotivating. The money that it takes for cosmetics, lotions, hair products and clothes won’t eat an entire pay cheque, but the expense is there. Even if you’re buying the least expensive products. Complaining about it will have attractiveness consequences.

  9. OffTheCuff on said:

    In my book, “not worrying about funds” means spending whatever the you want without having a single worry — that is, a huge budget. If “not worrying about founds” instead means “spending a reasonable amount, greater than zero dollars per month” then I would agree. Yes, you can’t expect your woman to look good with no dollars and no time.

    I read that entire post as “if you want me to look good, you better give me a blank check and infinite amount of time” which I totally disagree with. I takes some money and some time, but not a whole lot.

    Workout time can be free. I workout at home when the kids are asleep, or even when they are awake and I’m watching them. Stealing 15 minutes a few times a week at home is EASY. Heck, I include them. My daughter will sit on my back when I do pushups or I challenge my son to match me doing situps.

    My point is that you don’t need 7 hours per week of alone time away from them, without kids at some gym. That’s just a lame excuse to be fat.

    • OMG… If I’m not mistaken… Not 100% sure about this… But I think this is the voice of reason! lol
      Good on ya Cuff!

    • MaMu1977 on said:

      I have a cousin (SAHM/student) who gets her 6hr/week of exercise while taking care of a 2 year old, keeping a 2-bedroom apartment clean and greeting her soon-to-be (Valentine’s Day wedding paid in full) husband with a home-cooked meal on a *daily* basis. Staying in shape (which for most men = not getting round, with a perfectly flat stomach being a bonus and not a requirement) can be done very easily. Hell, I know from a childhood spent taking care of children (the aforementioned cousin being one of them) that kids will mimic anything that you do. If you wake up in the morning and spend 30 minutes doing a dance or two viewings of a fitness tape or a kata, its easy to convince a child or two or three to copy you (if they don’t take it upon themselves to mimic you because of pure childish curiosity.) An afternoon run with the kids prior to making dinner and you’re done for the day (and you can always loosen the apron strings and let *Daddy* do some parenting of his own.) My cousin manages to take care of a toddler(including some home schooling), perform 2 kata, spend 4 hours a day in online classes and make dinner with minimal strain (she gets her hour of free time each evening, Saturday afternoon spa and Sunday childfree time) in New York City. Why is this such an insurmountable task for a non-working, non-student SAHM living in a Midwestern suburb (and as someone who’s lived in the Midwest, I know from personal experience that there are thousands of women who claim to have no spare time for exercise despite having far more space and far fewer distractions than my city mouse cousin?)

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