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Woman Up, Revolutions

To end the hat trick of the Woman Up posts – one and two – I present the blogger bbsezmore (the link is to her blog’s home page). She’s a married woman of undetermined age living in a place where I don’t know. That doesn’t matter. What matters is that she did a Woman Up experiment to see the results.

The posts are based on an initial challenge from Susan Walsh over at Hooking up Smart.

There are eight posts that are required reading for my female readers and worth of spreading far and wide over the interwebs. I’ve arranged them in the proper order (with the full length URL for easy copy and paste):


It’s worth reading every single post in the series which include BB’s and her husband’s observations. The comments are interesting, too. As well, BB has plenty of other posts that are relevant to the whole Woman Up concept.

Let’s all say it again, Woman Up.

Woman Up, Reloaded

Yesterday’s post, Woman Up, has clearly resonated with this blog’s readers, It also attracted the interest of a new female commenter with something of an agenda to push. The exact nature of that agenda I have yet to fathom. No matter, new inductees into the ranks of the Manosphere are always a very good thing.

I am urging other Manosphere bloggers to further the Woman Up meme on their own blogs. Expand on the meme or simply point them to my post. It would be great if Woman Up becomes a common rebuttal – in blog/news comments or real life – to women writing or acting in a very unfeminine way. Someone has to push against the continuing trend of turning women into men and it might as well be us in the Manosphere.

Of course, this is not so simple as the Woman Up concept is not well understand yet. Just saying or writing those two words without additional context will likely yield confusion. I recommend that any person saying or writing those words provide that absolutely necessary context. For example, “Stop acting like a man, woman up!” or “stop acting like a spoiled princess, woman up!”, perhaps “Look at those sloppy clothes you’re wearing, you really need to woman up” You get the idea. Further suggestions should be put in the comments and I strongly encourage those suggestions.

Telling a woman to Woman Up is a confident thing for a man to do and establishes good hand and frame in a social situation. The verbal reaction might be shrill and unpleasant but as every Red Pill man knows, those are just words. If the woman in question walks away, so be it. She’s not worth the trouble. But if she stays to keep the conversation going (even if a bit testily), that’s quite telling and can be considered an indication of interest.

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