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$30K A Year Millionaire – It Doesn’t Work

When I first arrived in South Florida just about eight years ago, I was woefully ignorant of the social scene. I was single, in full-on beta mode, and a rather unattractive sample of the male gender. My 250 or so pounds wasn’t fitting well on my physique and my style was basically man-frump. Being single, I was curious about the local female fauna.

My boss, eager to show me the ways of this part of the world, took me around to point out the sights. One Saturday evening, he took me to a nightclub/bar most frequented by the over 40 crowd. It was a wonderment. Back in the day, posh eating establishments required men to wear a sport coat and if not wearing one, these men were given a loaner for the evening. This nightclub was kind of place where if a man wasn’t wearing a gold chain, one might be given to him as a loaner for the evening. This set the tone of South Florida at the time.

My boss also introduced me to the concept of the “$30K a year millionaire”. In a place where image and appearance is so important, younger men have to keep up. This is not easy in a place where millionaires and billionaires frequent the land. What’s a 28 year old man to do? Fake it. Here’s how it works:

1. Find a job, any job. Say, $30K a year?

2. Don’t move out of the parent’s house or rent a rat-hole with a bunch of other guys.

3. Spend all disposable income on the trappings of success. Lease the most expensive car possible. Try to look like a million bucks.

4. Hit the nightclubs where the hotties hang out and claim “I’m a hedge fund manager” or some such nonsense.

5. Hope to get laid. Sometime it worked.

This is all Blue Pill Game.

Four years ago I had a young man of about 26 working for me. He knew Game. He wasn’t paid much and still lived at home. His car was shitty and worse, he was rather short. But this guy had Game and worked it. He traded in the trappings of material success and worked on his confidence. He won.

He still drives a shitty car.

As a nice aside, there are some funny stories here. The one about the Tissot watch is priceless and relevant to this post.


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11 thoughts on “$30K A Year Millionaire – It Doesn’t Work

  1. golly gee. i think i’ve heard of this example before.

    good on him.

  2. johnnymilfquest on said:

    Lying about having a great job may not be such a good move.

    But lying about having a humdrum job when you’re really unemployed can work wonders.

    Source: Me. It ended my dry spell.

  3. There was a guy in England who I met at another manosphere site who lied completely about everything about himself. He said he went to such and such school had such and such job, and wore a nice suit when meeting his target. In fact he was unemployed receiving a disablility check.

    And he got laid.

    The problem here is just promotes the reputation of men as liars. Again, its a race to the bottom.

    What he should have done is used his disability check to get some hot looking hookers. That way, you don’t have to lie to get sex.

    Women are total suckers for the material. Dress well and fakes some convos on the cell and you get sex.

    • It’s a race to the bottom only because most men do not care about women’s achievements …

      and women get angry when asked to prove themselves (with the exception of that saying “are you woman enough for a man like me”?)

      On the flip side, please note that at least 17% send flowers to themselves to make it look like other men are after them. Just because women’s lies aren’t discovered as often, doesn’t mean they don’t happen.

  4. Well, the again, maybe this kind of woman needs to be lied to:

  5. just visiting on said:

    For the men who don’t have the status symbols, perhaps you could write a post about how to not get tooled by those who do. I used to see this happen, but didn’t feel like it was my place to intervene. (Might make things worse. Girl fighting the guys battle and some such.)

  6. I like Johnnymilfquest’s insight on this.

    I’m not above lying in field in order to get laid.

    I’m currently unemployed,and even if I was working,I usually tell chiccs that I’m a dating coach for a popular dating company:which is a lie.

    But if you gotta fib to get laid,I see no prob in it.

  7. “it just promotes the reputation of men as liars.”

    What we are talking about here is one night stands. Promiscuous sex. These women aren’t virgins waiting for their husbands. These type of women want to have sex, but they just want to believe they are at the level of a successful man.

  8. DC Phil on said:

    So what are some of the more credible lies you’ve told to get laid? I actually know a dating coach in the area who routinely gets laid, yet has no full-time job. So, that one might work.

    In my case, I could say that I work at the Pentagon and then be mum about exactly what I do. (While, in the same breath, making the crack that, if I wanted to deflect attention from the fact that, say, I worked fro the CIA, I’d go down to the National Mall here in DC and get one of those tourist T-shirts or hoodies emblazoned with “CIA” and then tell folks that this is the proof. “They’d say I was full of shit,” so my crack continues.) I actually had a 20-something tell me once, “Doesn’t that make you feel badass?”

  9. Subterfuge in the pursuit of mating is a time-honored classic for both genders. I’ll put down my casual lies when you put down your make-up.

    Best dodge I ever used? Back in my single days (long, long ago) I used to hang around the airport ATMs and wait for businessmen to make withdrawals and toss away their receipts. Then I’d round up the ones that displayed account balances over $100k. When a girl asked for my number or email, I’d casually dig into my pocket for one of these gems, scribble my name and number on the back, and hand it to her without blinking an eye. She, of course, not just looks at the number, but in a quest for information she views the receipt, sees the bank balance.

    About an 80% success rate for booty calls. You can always play it off later, or bust her for being a materialistic bitch, or claim that you can’t touch a dime of it until you’re 35, or any other story you wish, but this likely doesn’t come up again until after you’ve tapped her. And you aren’t lying. She’s making an inference on inaccurate information. Subtle difference.

    And you are never “unemployed”. You are always “self employed”. Or, if you own a briefcase, “I do consulting.”

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