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Trading Season

First, watch this Comedy Central video from a 2004 animated program. There’s a bit of a set up but once you get into the comedy monologue, you’ll see all sorts of Manosphere themes presented by a female comic. The animation is rather amusing, too.

Tracy Smith, Trading Season (imbedding from this website I can’t do)

The big take-away is the notion of “trading season”. As I am a man of a certain age, I am acutely aware of the divorce phase in life – usually late 30s and early 40s. Dalrock will likely provide some statistics on that. Personally, I was divorced first when I was 38.

Trading season is the time when women ditch their beta husbands with the hopes of having a new, better life where alpha men come calling constantly. A man with Game can swoop down on these hapless dames and clean up. Does that sound mercenary and low? Well, if a woman’s new-found singleness is based on a frivolous divorce (“I wasn’t happy enough!”), I really have no pity for them.

The only problem with post-trading season women is that they haven’t quite maintained themselves. They jump back into the dating scene with the same expectations as when they were in their early 20s. And by dating I mean having sex with new men. Post-trading season is a new breed of rationalization hamster in the wheel.

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10 thoughts on “Trading Season

  1. I remember when I was dating 2 yr ago that there were two women that had recently divorced, and I suspect that the men initiated it.

    Both women said “he doesn’t know what he lost!”

    Both women were in their 40’s and very overweight and had not yet gotten a taste for how low their SMV was. Inevitably, they may feel as bad as I did growing up when I was last picked for the team. Schadfreude indeed.

  2. i don’t even NEED to watch the video, i’m stuck in that hell right now. my most recent post reflects that (DAMMIT do i wish i knew the code to embed the post when you click “most recent post”. smh).

    great observation. EDPL is a perfect example. how often does it REALLY turn out that way. total hamster fantasy. the cinderella story for the 21st century. “unfaithful” is another one, instead of killing dude, he should have dumped her.

  3. Well, we know that women initiate 70% of divorces but of that 70% there are certainly some in there that are semi-normal ladies but whose husbands took to drink, drugs, hitting, cheating etc. and so they got a divorce for the same reasons any of us would feel pushed to start a divorce.

    Now you might say they are whack jobs because they got married to such men to start with but I’ve found you need to get the whole story (and see if you believe it). People often wind up in a very different place than they imagined from when they were twenty and there can be a lot of water under the bridge not entirely of their doing. Yeah you could say she was dumb to marry a guy with any signs of that when she was twenty-something, but you have to think on it. After all, I’ve made some plenty dumb relationship decisions in my twenties. Ex-wife comes to mind – cough, cough.

    Not trying to throw a NAWALT out there, but there are a few needles in the haystack. Which if you are a dude in your twenties this doesn’t apply to you, but if you are 35+ and back in the market you are going to have a large chunk (no pun intended) of divorced women to sift through. Not all divorces have the same genesis. As said though, those who pulled an EPL divorce on their husbands deserve the disappointments they receive.

    Private Man you are right about swooping in on this. If she left her husband for an EPL or frivolous reason, your default strategy is probably best served with some A-hole game. You only need appear more Alpha than the husband she left and “You are so exciting and different…” If she left the marriage for what you and I might consider a legitimate reason: husband’s Adultery, Addiction, Abuse, she’s looking for the Beta comfort she wasn’t getting. Adjust as the situation dictates.

    Widows are hard to figure out. I’m in early stage commo with one now. Seems this one at least wants someone that makes her laugh. Might make sense given her circumstances. Perhaps a widow just back to dating is looking for a fun kind of guy. I’ll see how or if this goes anywhere. Might be widows are the best way to go for a 35+ divorced guy as opposed to single moms, divorced women, single career gals with baby rabies.

    Good luck men!

    • Case in point. The writer of this article. Yeah I know she writes a lot of clueless stuff and that everyone will get a big dose of Schadenfreude out of the article for women in general. But in relation to my post above, she divorced her husband because he was hiding he was gay. I’d say that’s a pretty legit reason. Anyways, enjoy the article itself and read her other post about dating in a city of sluts. For a big city girl, she might be 20% normal Lol.

      Article Link:

      Dating After Divorce: Wife Shoppers & Baby Momma Math

    • ” are semi-normal ladies but whose husbands took to drink, drugs, hitting, cheating etc.”

      I dated a woman for eight years whose father was an alcoholic, and I got to know him fairly well and her mother (both married still). I have little doubt that the mother, in part, drove the father’s alcoholism because although her mom had some good qualities, she could be a cold nasty bitch. He cleaned up but she slept in a separate room from him.

      Confession: I also slept in a separate room from my gf of eight years (yes we had a good sex life). She imitated her mother, and she could be a cold, nasty bitch. I stayed in the LTR because I was a former omega who did not know better.

      Also, I met a girl from that married two guys who BECAME alcoholics. Her personality was a little chilly and so I suspect she drove it in part.

      • For sure that can be the case. Like I said find out the facts as best you can. There are certainly otherwise normal (as it goes) women out there who discovered that their husband was cheating or something and decided on divorce. So when reviewing the options and sorting through the retreads, they might be a better prospect if one were looking for an LTR. At least knowing the circumstances can help you play your hand better.

      • Looking Glass on said:

        People have “holes” in their screening shields. These come from their parent’s relationships. So your person couldn’t see the warning signs of the alcohol problems. She might have had a personality that sent them over the edge, but she also couldn’t screen for it a second time. That’s the big hole in their screening.

        It’s the same way for children of abusive homes. They tend to marry abusive spouses (both male & female) because what they think to be normal in a relationship is abuse and the character traits that go along with it. It seems insane to normal people, but to them, that action pattern is, in fact, “normal”.

    • Looking Glass on said:

      Widows is going to all come down to how recently the death was. If we’re talking less than a year, they’re going to attempt to place you in the spot their husband was. They, instinctually, are attempting to replace what is lost. This is normal but a major minefield.

      If you’re 18+ months out, they should be over the death enough to be ready to establish a new set of norms. There can still be some lingering effects (they may be far more protective than you’d expect), but they should be able to move on. Still, it’s a very different field compared to the rest and comes with its own issues.

  4. Looking Glass on said:—financial-dating

    From the same session. Bit more Red Pill action, dressed in “Go Girl” setup.

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