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Trading Season

First, watch this Comedy Central video from a 2004 animated program. There’s a bit of a set up but once you get into the comedy monologue, you’ll see all sorts of Manosphere themes presented by a female comic. The animation is rather amusing, too.

Tracy Smith, Trading Season (imbedding from this website I can’t do)

The big take-away is the notion of “trading season”. As I am a man of a certain age, I am acutely aware of the divorce phase in life – usually late 30s and early 40s. Dalrock will likely provide some statistics on that. Personally, I was divorced first when I was 38.

Trading season is the time when women ditch their beta husbands with the hopes of having a new, better life where alpha men come calling constantly. A man with Game can swoop down on these hapless dames and clean up. Does that sound mercenary and low? Well, if a woman’s new-found singleness is based on a frivolous divorce (“I wasn’t happy enough!”), I really have no pity for them.

The only problem with post-trading season women is that they haven’t quite maintained themselves. They jump back into the dating scene with the same expectations as when they were in their early 20s. And by dating I mean having sex with new men. Post-trading season is a new breed of rationalization hamster in the wheel.

The Choreography Of Attention

Sometimes it’s necessary to review old blog posts for new insights.

I walked over to the gourmet burger place for dinner this evening. Waiting in line behind me was a beautiful and stylishly dressed woman, though probably 10 years older than me. That would make her around 60, quite possibly older. She was arranging a newspaper in her hands so she could read an article.

“Anything good in the news?” I asked.

Let’s stop right there.

I first posted this over six months ago. It was a diary-like post to describe a simple encounter with a woman. In retrospect, the encounter requires further analysis.

1. I assumed that men could simply strike up a conversation with a woman. I was wrong and terribly so. Because I am in the Manosphere and the men that I know are of the same Manosphere mindsight, I made the false assumption that men can easily strike up a conversation, regardless of gender. Approach anxiety is real and, honestly, full of angst. I don’t have approach anxiety.

2. The woman in question, Eileen, was in an “attention transition moment”. This is an important concept. If a woman’s attention is drawn to something that requires her focus, approaching becomes very challenging and the risk of failure is high. But during a transition from one focus to another, there is a huge opportunity for an approach that is relatively risk-free. I’ll make it simple: if a woman has her ear buds firmly in place to listen to music, should a man attempt an approach? If she’s taking her ear buds off and re-arranging her electronics, should a man approach?

Dealing with women requires analysis and the ability to read the choreography of attention.

You’re welcome.

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