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A Bit Of Advice For Men Of A Certain Age

It’s astounding how sloppy our fashion has become. Here in South Florida, the men dress horribly. Teva-style sandals, baggy shorts, and ill-fitting t-shirts seem to be the general mode of dress for guys not on the job. They all look alike, no matter what the age. It’s embarrassing. It’s also a huge opportunity for the Red Pill man.

Here’s the advice: Dress better than the other guys around you, especially in social settings. This doesn’t mean parading about in a tuxedo, it simply means paying more attention to how you dress yourself. If all the guys are in shorts and t-shirts, go one level up to a nice polo shirt and khakis with some loafers. If all the other guys are wearing that, you should be wearing a crisp dress shirt and nicely tailored dress pants. Don’t forget some brief and elegant accessories like a good wrist watch and belt that matches your shoes.

As my own sartorial sense is not good, I sought out an expert in things fashion. I found myself a good tailor. There is some money involved for his services. It’s a worthy cost because my clothes fit so much better. Ill-fitting clothes are a curse worse than a Zombie infestation. If the clothes don’t fit well, don’t buy them or don’t wear them. No debate.

Here’s a quick tip for saving money on fancy man-clothes –  thrift/consignment stores and the dry cleaner. No one has to know the origin of that Italian suit. It just looks good on you. The elegant watch? Pawn shop. This takes a bit of shopping around. If you have a trusted female friend, bring her along because she can be extremely useful. Just makes sure to resist her impulse to dress you like a metro-sexual. And no pink shirts, seriously.

You should be dressing to your age and the social venue. Clothes for 20-somethings are not appropriate for a 40+ guy. Thankfully, some fashion styles are timeless and you should be going for that look. Be careful with men’s magazine fashion advice because it’s too often aimed at a much younger demographic. There is no such thing as a middle-aged hipster.

Once again, this is where the tailor comes in. He can also advise you of styles and cuts that flatter (or camouflage) your figure. Also, consult Brooks Brothers or similar online catalogs to get some ideas. Your wardrobe needn’t be vast, you just need a variety of sufficient options when you dress.

Oh, about your hair. Consult a barber or appropriate stylist for a fix. Again, your hairstyle should be age appropriate. Balding are you? Join the club. Go completely hairless or at least a buzz cut to the remaining hairs on your noggin. Bald is currently in fashion so take advantage of it. Facial hair must be neat and well-groomed.

For guys over 35, all this effort about appearance is the equivalent of Mystery’s peacocking. A confident man stands out from the crowd. As we are a bit too mature for a fuzzy hat and black nail polish, the street clothes will demonstrate your willingness to stand out. There is also something confidence-building about dressing better. You’ll likely find yourself walking with a better posture and sitting more upright. You’re showing off and there’s not a damned thing wrong with that.

Note that I didn’t mention anything about being more attractive to women. Your fashion style is for your confidence, not eye-candy for dames admiring your well-polished shoes or expensive (pawn shop) watch. The good clothes, accessories, and grooming is, ironically, inner Game. It’s also good motivation to work on your overall physique. If you’re shopping at the big and tall store and you’re not that tall, there’s your sign for shrinking that gut. Thankfully, it’s much easier for men to lose weight than women. Get to it, fatty. If you’re dieting successfully, your tailor should be regularly taking in your pants and your sport coats.

You’re welcome.

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