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Thanks Lurking Readers! (And Another Request)

Yesterday’s post received the response I was hoping for and for this I am very appreciative. All blogs have a high lurk rate. It’s the nature of reading blogs. I also appreciate the compliments I have received. Such good words inspire me to keep posting.

For today’s post, I have another request.

Bring others to the Manosphere and, more importantly, start actively discussing Red Pill issues in the real world, especially regarding dating and relationships. Discussing such Red Pill things is socially risky. There are still way too many Blue Pill people who cling desperately to old, outdated modes of thinking regarding social issues. Better yet, ask questions that will bring out Red Pill answers. If you really want to stir things up, ask your married friends (seperately), “How do you like being married?” The Socratic method is a fine way of getting people to think.

The Blue Pill gang will likely shame you. Just know that when you are shamed, you have effectively won the debate. Take pride in that and just move on to the next person. Shamers lack the intellectual horsepower to understand the Red Pill. You’re just a smarter individual.

In particular, refer your single, male friends to the Manosphere. It doesn’t matter if it’s my blog or not. My blog roll has quite a few Red Pill links in it and I have yet to add more. There is no central, organized Manosphere landing page but there is some discussion amongst bloggers to create one, maybe someday. Gmac does have a blog post that introduces some of the Manosphere’s central characters. I’m flattered to be on that list.

If anyone feels ambitious, report back on your discussion efforts out in the real world. I am intensely interested in the response to the Red Pill outside of the Manosphere. Whether the experience be positive or negative, it would be fascinating to read.

Let’s face facts, the mainstream media is very unlikely to find the Manosphere and report on it. That’s likely out of fear. So, to introduce the Red Pill requires your voices to spread the word.

Now it’s my turn to say thanks.

Teaser – Big news coming this week!

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