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Attention You Lurking Readers!

I know you’re out there. I get lots of page views and few comments. The view-to-comment ratio is about 1,500 to 1. Frankly, that’s not acceptable. The other Manosphere bloggers agree. We’ve met in secret to discuss it.

So, I invite the lurkers to post one comment, any comment. Just say hello or something. Tell me where you’re from and what you think about this whole Red Pill, Manosphere thing. Tell me your age, your sex, other blogs your read. Better yet, compliment my blog and the sage wisdom that I dispense. I could use some more fawning sycophants. Or, lay down some righteous hate on my lily white ass. I won’t refuse the comment (with exceptions).

There is a bonus, once I approve a comment from your IP address, all your comments automatically go through. No getting stuck in moderation while I’m walking the dog.

I won’t collect email addresses (I’m too lazy for that), I just want to see more damned comments. You regular commenters can sit this one out.

In fact, I’m going to put pressure on you lurkers. Until I get comments from at least 25 new people, I’m not going to update my blog. This post will just sit here.

This is where my blog buddies can help. Send traffic my way so the lurkers can see the terrible disruption they are causing to to my blog and the Manosphere at large.

Yup, it’s digital extortion. If you lurkers want new posts, you have to post comments, it’s just that simple. The regular readers and commenters will suffer terribly. The wailing and gnashing of teeth will be awful. Oh, the humanity!

It gets worse. I’ll still be writing up a storm. There will be a big backlog of fresh and tasty posts, just waiting for me to publish. There will also be an important and exciting announcement, perhaps even two announcements.

It’s up to you, lurking readers. Comment.


You’re welcome.

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