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Weekend Weirdness – What Kids Will Never See

This is one of those tangent posts because history – post WWII American social history – is one of my favorite subjects. I was at a friend’s family dinner at a restaurant. There were about ten folks there including a funny young man about 12 years old. This got me to thinking. What are the things he will never see that were common when I was 12 years old?

Some are obvious:

  • Cassettes/LPs
  • Rotary dial phone
  • Public telephones
  • Roadside assistance call boxes on the interstate highways
  • Lots of litter in the streets
  • Pull tab beverage cans
  • Smoking indoors

Some are not so obvious:

  • Seven digit phone dialing
  • Pagers
  • Music CDs
  • CRT monitors and televisions
  • Paper boys (I used to be one)
  • Rusty cars
  • Fax machines

So, I throw this out to my astute and brilliant readers. What are the things that were common in our youth and that kids simply won’t see now?

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