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The Power Of The Manosphere

Mike C [linkage to blog needed?] commented on a wild and wooly discussion over at Hooking Up Smart:

From the time of the sexual liberation in the 1960s until really just recently, women were able to conduct their sexual lives with a sort of combination of impunity and secrecy.  They could fuck the alpha, hot, attractive guys on first meeting, date 2, whatever, and then down the road when it is time to play soccer Mom make the beta Dad provider court her for 6 months before giving it up.  The beta Dad provider had no idea she banged 10-20 alphas already and to him having to court her for 6 months to get sex seemed perfectly normal and appropriate.  The system worked due to the blissful ignorance of the beta Dad provider.  The Internet has allowed guys to pull the cloak away from this Secret Society that Tyler Durden has talked about.  I was totally naive to this arrangement myself until about 2005 when I started working at a bar and saw this stuff on a regular ongoing basis.

The sentence in bold is the most salient point. The Internet – the Manosphere in particular – is shining a strong light onto the previously dark world of female dating and mating patterns. Dating 1.0 was all about courtship and ensuring good guys married good girls. Dating 1.5 is the post sexual revolution/pre Internet situation where women had sex with the alphas and then married a beta provider who was ignorant about all the alpha sex she was getting.

This was all well and good for women and alpha men. Because beta men simply were unaware of the situation, there was something of a balance and relative harmony. Sure, there were reports of sportfucking and swinging and all sorts of other sexual female shenanigans, this was mostly oral folklore and could be denied or forgotten easily. Of course, herpes wasn’t so forgettable and that was the first indicator that women were getting their groove on more than beta nice guys thought. But we got through that awkward social phase.

Enter center stage, the Internet. It took about a dozen years and some nice broadband for the curtain to be pulled back only to reveal the scene of the nice girl next door getting soundly and happily plowed by a couple of male college athletes. There’s an empty bottle of tequila and several used condoms in the scene, as well. The next act reveals a married suburban mom in a hotel room where she is having a certain part of her anatomy filled by her lover, a swarthy and vigorous fellow.

At the sides of the stage, a group of women and sensitive new age guys (SNAGs – great acronym) are desperately trying to close the curtain so that the audience can’t see what’s happening on stage. But the curtain won’t close. The Internet is keeping it open. Worse, the Internet has turned up the stage lighting so that the sexual antics of women are clear, open, and obvious. Some men in the audience close their eyes in denial. These are the manginas and whiteknights.

Seeing the curtain can’t be closed, some women take over the stage to shout, “This is OK! this is normal! Not all women are like that! Sexual empowerment is good for all women! Don’t oppress a woman’s sexuality!” These are the feminists and others who bat for team vagina.

It’s all too late. Some men in the audience keep their eyes open. They pull out their laptops and start blogging, researching, posting on message boards, sharing information. Those men recall their experiences with women and the stories they have heard. Curiously, many women in the audience see what is happening on stage and want to be “empowered”. These women encourage the sexual frenzy by posting their own lurid stories and photos on their Facebook accounts and blogs.

This is the state of affairs now. It’s Dating 2.0, Darwin Dating, Combat Dating, Red Pill Dating, or any other title to indicate the new sexual reality where growing numbers of men are learning the true nature of female sexuality and female’s relationship-formation tactics. Game is spreading in the mainstream media. Manosphere blogs regularly feature scientific studies, personal stories, logical and rational rebukes to feminist dogma. Some of these stories and observations regularly spill into websites and messages boards where men congregate. Many men nod their heads in agreement.

This is the power of information and how it causes social attitudes to be changed. The curtain can’t be pulled back.

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