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Attractive Women Approached More During the Day?

Big Debate! Comment Now!

Now that Roosh has released his latest book (buy it!) an old debate has resurfaced. Roosh’s book is focused on day Game in which men approach women in a non-bar or non-nightclub setting. For the specific tactics, you’ll need to read the book. Personally, I think day Game is great for guys over nightclub age. I am two full decades past nightclub shenanigans and pretty much rely on day Game, however it’s mostly in the evenings.

Roissy (Heartiste) reviewed the book and immediately the debate began. “Hot women get approached all the time.” is met with “Most men won’t approach hot women precisely because of the perception that hot women are approached all the time.” Or words to that effect. It’s an interesting debate because day Game is so qualitatively different from night Game.

I think that hot women are indeed approached quite often during the day but none of those approaches are serious. A catcall or “hey pretty lady!” is not an approach, it’s just a ham-fisted compliment delivered by the neanderthal class of men. Us cro-magnons are quite sophisticated, thankyouverymuch.

so I throw this to the readers – are hot women approached often during the day? This is one where anecdotal testimony from my female readers might actually be useful. Just bear in mind that anecdotes must be accompanied with: honest assessment of value in the sexual marketplace, demographic, and geographical location.

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