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The Ultimate Agent Of Social Change

The ultimate agent of social change will be safe, effective, private male birth control.

Men are already the gatekeepers to relationship commitment. It’s a pity that more men don’t know this. What’s worse is that many men do know this but won’t use it their advantage when dealing with potential intimate relationships with women. Basically, men only have this one advantage.

With more and better male birth control options – especially if they’re private – men can also be the gatekeepers to reproduction. Vasectomy doesn’t count. While safe, effective, and private, it’s essentially permanent. Reversing a vasectomy is a crap-shoot option and an expensive one at that. Condoms are safe, but not so effective and certainly not private. Yes, I acknowledge RISUG. That’s one to watch.

Safe, effective, and private is the Holy Grail of male birth control. If women want to have kids, it can be the men who make that final decision. There might be no more “oops, I forgot to take my pill” pregnancies. There might be no more question about paternity should a pregnancy result.”You’re pregnant? Time for a DNA test, you unfaithful trollope”.

Every time there is discussion outside the Manosphere of this subject, there is an annoying chorus from women of “I won’t trust a man to take his birth control pill.” This is a smokescreen for “Holy shit, I might lose reproductive control.” More male birth control options is a fundamental threat to women’s reproductive choice.

I’m almost convinced that big pharma is being pressured to seriously delay or simply stop researching male birth control options. I’m no conspiracy nutjob, I just think that male birth control is too threatening to the powers that be.

This is no panacea for men or even society. There is the possibility for huge unintended consequences:

Increase in voluntary single-motherhood through sperm bank withdrawals and “ad hoc” sperm donations directly to the woman. Baby rabies is an incredibly strong motivator for some really stupid decisions. The social pathologies of single motherhood are well-known and well documented through social research.

Huge drop in the birth rate of the educated classes. There is a strong correlation between higher education in a population and lowered birth rates. This is happening in Europe where a demographic time bomb is about to go off when population shrinkage reaches an economic tipping point. Immigration has kept this issue at bay in Europe and North America.

Further escalation of gender-based conflict. Consider dark Game practiced by cads – “Sure, I’ll commit to you, baby” becomes “Sure, I’ll give you a baby”. Women in the throes of baby rabies will really get played and the resulting bitterness in an entire female demographic will make today’s gender conflict look a thumb-wrestling match.

Increase in STD rates. Condoms do prevent pregnancy. But with a man on birth control, that’s one less reason to wrap that ICBM before launching the missile into the Republic of Chlamydia.

Regardless of the unintended consequences, I really do want men to have far more birth control options. I really want to see men have reproductive control over their lives.

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