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Have A Social Comfort Zone

Men can get a bit isolated from a social life. With the distractions of video games, the Internet, 500 television channels; it’s far too easy for a man to retreat from an active social life. However, humans are social creatures and men are no exception to this.

The purpose of the social comfort zone is not to meet women but rather do indulge in social activities in order to maintain good social skills. A bunch of folks talking about random stuff might seem like useless small talk. It’s not. For a Red Pill man, it’s a gold mine of social knowledge to be acquired so that he can refine and/or practice his Game.

A good social comfort zone should meet some specific requirements:

Physically convenient – This should be obvious. Any extended time required to get there represents a significant barrier.

Relatively unstructured and agenda-free – The unscheduled availability is important because life is busy. Just popping in to wherever that comfort zone might be should be an option.

Expectation and of, and opportunities for, socializing – The atmosphere must be friendly to socializing. The local library might not be a good option for this reason.

Co-educational – There should be a good ratio of women to men. While the social comfort zone isn’t meant for finding dates, a guy can practice some Game.

Low social friction – Haters, ragers, and sundry assholes or bitches make for high social friction. The social comfort zone must be relaxing for those there. A bunch of people with a staunch political ideology also makes for high social friction.

Reasonably healthy – A bar with heavy drinkers is not a healthy place. Oh, this rules out the local opium den, too. A wine bar might be a better option.

A combination of regulars, new-comers, and passers-through – Having a core group of people is important to build comfort. New-comers and passers-through are good for building/practicing social skills, including Game.

Typically, the neighborhood bar serves this function but there are other options, as well. The local coffee shop can also be a social comfort zone. A regular book club can be considered a social comfort zone even though the book under discussion is an agenda and it’s a more structured setting. might even provide some options. Just know that a singles group isn’t quite the social comfort zone because of dating expectations. That’s not to say that a singles group can’t become part of an extended social life.

Guys, put the video games down, turn off the TV, stop reading Manosphere blogs obsessively. Go out and get a damned social life. Find your social comfort zone.

You’re welcome.

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