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Act Like A Woman To Be More Alpha

The title of this post sounds oxymoronic. Hear me out.

One of the major problems with women is their flakiness. They flake out on promises of dates, telephone calls, online chatting, whatever. This is the nature of women. There is not a female equivalent to “a man’s word is his bond”. So, women flake with impunity. As Number 1 ex told me repeatedly, “It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind.” At the time, I was a blue pill man and didn’t know to respond with “No, it’s a child’s prerogative to change its mind.”

In the context of Dating 2.0, a man is forced to deal with flakiness on a regular basis. One option is to launch flaky women. I don’t think this is a bad idea but given how so many women are so flaky, this might result in the launching of almost every woman. For the guy seeking a long-term relationship, this isn’t a bad thing. Flaky women are not women of quality. Flaky women are nothing more than girls in a (usually oversized) woman’s body.

But for the man seeking more libidinous expressions of his affections, launching flaky women means a drastic reduction of the dating pool. Simply put, pushing the launch button often means not getting laid often.

Dealing with flakiness means that a man must be equally flaky. This only works when there are plenty of women in the pipeline. It’s vital to have a system so that if one woman gets flaky, there are options to pursue. This may appear to be a feminine tactic. It’s not. It’s surprisingly alpha.

Alpha men have options. It’s as simple as that. Exercising those options seems much like “it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind”. Here’s the real deal – exercising options is exactly how a woman operates. Before intimacy (physical or emotional) a woman is looking for reasons to reject a man. By adopting that feminine approach to dating and relationships, a man is taking the same approach. He is looking for reasons to reject a woman. That’s healthy. That’s more alpha.

On a date, the Game guys know that changing venues is a powerful tactic. Think about that. That’s just like a woman changing her mind. “I wanted to have Greek food but I think I want Thai food, instead.” An Alpha guy would simply state “this place has gotten stale, we’re going to go to somewhere else.”

In fact, much of PUA is mirroring the same feminine behaviors that drive a man to distraction. Logic, reason? In the context of dating and relationships with women, those two things simply don’t apply. This is where the artistry of PUA comes into play. Standard routines might form the core of a man’s venusian repertoire, but it’s ebb and flow of communications and actions when dealing with women that are key to dating and relationship success.

While men must be consistent and dependable in the masculine world, that consistency and dependability will actually be counterproductive with women and the man might come off as being boring and stodgy. So, a man must mix it up a bit. Cancel dates for no reason (offer a counter), be late occasionally, take a mysterious phone call during a date, etc.

Just remember to have a system because some women won’t take that kind of behavior particularly well.

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