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Fulfilling A Woman’s Hypergamy

Danny asked an important question regarding a woman’s hypergamy and what it’s based on. In particular, will a woman pass up a rich beta for an alpha of lower income or wealth.

The short answer is yes.

The longer answer is also yes but with some important considerations.

If a woman is in the throes of baby rabies, the temptation to settle for a beta provider is huge. This is where evolutionary psychology and contemporary social expectations differ. Hunter-gatherer providers were mostly all alphas. After all, those alphas brought home the protein and slew the saber-tooth tiger.

It’s only after humanity embraced agriculture and industrialization did the concept of the beta provider come to fore. Caring for children – especially just after birth – requires the ability to provide for both woman and child. The steady, reliable man who kept a solid farm or worked hard in the factory was the best option for a woman looking to spawn.

In fact, so good was the beta provider that an entire matrix of social expectations was built to steer young women towards that type of man. Family, community, the culture at large made it very clear that the often economically unstable – but vagina tingle-causing – alpha was not an appropriate father. Those social expectations continued on until women were liberated from following the social expectations. “Find a good, solid man” became “never settle”.

With women liberated (and not in a good way) to think only with their genitals, a perverse situation has emerged. The beta provider might be great for supporting the kids with financial resources, it’s the alpha male who is great for supporting the vagina with sexual pleasure. Today’s woman will actively be seeking both types of men, sometimes concurrently. Start your hamsters, ladies! Paternity fraud being the consequences where no hilarity ensues.

As we live in a modern society, a good spear arm is no longer the only requirement of alpha characteristics. This is great for guys today because not every guy has that good spear arm. Red pill men know that the hypergamous instinct can be used in a guy’s favor.

  • More money – This is the classic and if the guy has alpha characteristics and is willing to commit to a woman, it’s the zenith of a woman’s relationship attainment.
  • More good looks and/or physical strength – This actually means having more than most of the other guys. This also includes height to a certain extent. This harkens back to the classic hunter-gatherer alpha, the guy with the good spear arm.
  • More intelligence – This one is a bit problematic because women see good communication skills, humor, and overall social skills as the only manifestation of intelligence. Other forms of intelligence are simply ignored. The shy nerd with an IQ of 140 who makes a a very good living and the potential to launch an incredibly successful business enterprise is passed over for the witty, conversational guy who lives paycheck to paycheck.
  • More achievement in a particular skill – This is somewhat less problematic than the intelligence part. In his post, Danny mentioned his landscaper friend and how his girlfriend was a bit in awe in all the beauty that the friend created. The girlfriend was proud of him. So the achievement must be immediately apparent and obvious to all. As well, the achievement must be something that a beta typically wouldn’t do, like video games or Magic the Gathering.
  • More sophistication – Believe it or not, sophistication does not require affluence or even a great deal of intelligence. A man with sophisticated tastes and interests can do very well with women who lack sophistication. Classical music, literature, the arts are good examples. Frankly, anything that impresses her will suffice.
  • More charisma – This actually means having more charisma than other guys. A woman with a charismatic man doesn’t have to worry about his money, brains, achievements, or sophistication. Every one else is simply drawn to him and that’s quite the vagina tingle for her, right there
  • More social value – This could mean a higher standing in the community, a larger social network of friends, a position where other’s consult him on important matters. This means matters that are important to her, giving sage advice on Magic the Gathering does not count.

These are just the one’s that come to mind first. I am sure that there are other ways to fulfill a woman’s hypergamous instincts. What is good is that many I have listed a man can attain by working at it and not necessarily having those characteristics in his genes. For any guy with Game, hypergamy is a rapturous thing indeed.

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