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Creeps Or Criminals?

Rarely do I address issues brought up by feminist writers or websites. The back story can be found here. It all comes from one comment from Amanda Marcotte, the snarky and not very intelligent feminist writer:

Women’s need to be safe comes first… the onus is on men not to be creepy.

The privilege and entitlement in the first phrase is patently obvious. Coming from a feminist, the hypocrisy is delicious. It’s apparently a man’s job to keep cupcake safe. I would be quite pleased to protect a woman who gives me love and respect or who is a close friend or family member. I will certainly protect an elderly woman. Random women? Not so much. Feminists, you’re on your own.

I have some degree of sympathy for women and their need for safety. Women, after all, are physically weaker. As well, they are vulnerable to a certain degree of emotional manipulation by guys with the right skills and dark motives. The problem – as Marcotte so nicely pointed out – is that women, in her opinion, can’t quite figure out who is the dangerous creep and who is the guy who simply lacks good social skills. So the StrongIndependentWomen™ lumps all socially inept (and likely physically unattractive) men together as “creeps”.

But there are three categories of such “creeps”:

Sullen loner with poor social skills – pissed off beta who comes across as creepy. He’s harmless but scares women because of the next category of bad men.

Sullen loner with poor social skills and weapons – pissed off beta who is likely to commit mass mayhem or some other act of violence. Think George Soldini or the guy who shot up the college in Virginia.

Ordinary guy with poor social skills – Another creepy (according to the StrongIndependentWoman™) guy but he’s harmless and likely very confused or distraught that he’s been lumped in the same group with the other two types of guys lacking social skills.

Marcotte is quick to dismiss any type of creep under the guise of “safety”. That’s a variation of the ForTheChildren™ defense because feminists can’t quite seem to decide if they are victims or they are empowered. I guess that depends on the situation and what they seek to gain. Quite the privilege, that.

In all reality, most “creeps” are just ordinary guys who lack the social ability to make a girl’s vajayjay get all tingly. No tingles? He’s a creep. The biggest exception is when a woman like Marcotte needs her roof repaired or her gutters cleaned. That’s when the guy must show up, tend to the task, and completely ignore her lest she discover he’s a creep. Unless, of course, he’s a hunky, millionaire handyman.

Of course, the guys with the social skills that cause a woman to get weak between the thighs aren’t always pure of heart. Consider these two categories of confident cads:

Charming, confident cad – This is the classic player. He break hearts with impunity and without regard. Women love this type of confident man and flock to him. Worse, there’s a whole industry out there turning creeps into confident cads. After a creep has been rejected enough times (“get away, you creep!”), he’s not real motivated to use his new-found social skills for good and not evil.

Charming, confident felon – This is the player with the murderous or felonious intent. This confident fellow steals things from women or actually kills them. Ted Bundy, anyone? Oh, he was popular with the ladies even while in prison. It’s this type of man that women should truly be scared of. There are more of these guys then there are the George Soldini types. Murder isn’t always the result, but there are an awful lot of con-men and grifters preying on women.

So that awkward guy trying valiantly to make small talk at a social event is not a threat in any way. Just because a woman finds his lack of confidence to be offputting does not make him a potentially dangerous creep.

Watch out for the smooth, confident player who gets your girly bits all steamy. He’s the one who will charm the panties off you, the money in your bank account from you, and maybe even commit violence against you. Worse, he might have been a creep in the past but has taken the time and effort to learn the appropriate skills (Game) to elicit vagina tingles from unsuspecting feminists. That’s Marcotte’s worst nightmare. “Oh my God, I had sex with a beta!”


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30 thoughts on “Creeps Or Criminals?

  1. You insensitive man!

    Sex with a beta is called “date rape.”

    (for the humor-impaired, this has been sarcasm)

  2. Good observation. I’m always amazed to see that Marcotte is actually quoted on blogs of intelligent academic progressives – can’t they see how stupid she is?

    All this talk about creepiness fits into a broader pattern of feminists substituting how a woman feels (“he’s creepy”) for facts about how a man acts or how much danger there objectively is. Philosophically, feminists tend to claim that their feelings are the most important kind of reality, no matter what a rational analysis says.

  3. This is the big problem with women who have not been raised well by their parents. They use emotions as empirical proof of a man’s worth.

    Men believe facts, women believe emotions. Never try to win an argument with such a woman using facts. If you can make her emotionally feel a certain way, you will get her to agree with you.

  4. johnnymilfquest on said:

    The broadest category of “creep” is any man that the feminist in question is not attracted to.

    • My Name Is Jim on said:

      But that’s just it, it isn’t about whether she finds him attractive. Once we accept that, we fall into their frame and open ourselves to the sexual entitlement charge.

      This is about female dating behavior, not partner choice. Bereznak and Watson (the elevator feminist) are being criticized for mean-spirited public calling out of these guys, not for saying no to them. If they hadn’t raised a stink about nothing, no one would have cared.

      “I want to make fun of someone I rejected, but I’m afraid of being called out about it, so I’ll cover it up with character assassination.” That’s what creepy means.

      Maybe we need to create some kind of postmodern form of finishing school. Teach women how to be ladies, because college sure isn’t doing it.

  5. Dannyfrom504 on said:

    I’m a wierdooooo…..what the he’ll am I doin’ here….here take this rophie,

  6. My Name Is Jim on said:

    The word creepy just needs to be retired. Its purpose is to be a sufficiently vague but ominous word to tar a man with suspicion of domestic and sexual violence when it’s convenient for the woman, to deflect criticism of her dating behavior. From the Amanda Bereznak article:

    “I later found out that Jon infiltrated his way into OKCupid dates with at least two other people I sort of know, including one of my co-workers. Mothers, warn your daughters! This could happen to you. You’ll think you’ve found a normal bearded guy with a job, only to end up sharing goat cheese with a guy who takes you to a one-man show based on Jeffrey Dahmer’s life story.”

    Bereznak doesn’t use the word here, but the intent is the same. Want to drive someone off for a reason you think you might be criticized for? Draw him as dangerous. It’s their get out of jail free card. No one has given any real evidence Jon Finkel would be up for violating anyone, right? So why open that door at all? She’s not up to any good doing so.

    • Blanchard on said:

      This occurred to me after reading a couple of follow up articles about Alyssa Bereznak’s article. I think it could have been a bit of a publicity stunt. Her internship was coming to an end, and she needed a job. A little attention by smearing a successful, well liked man who happens to be a world champion of a card game, will probably get her foot in the door for a couple interviews.

      But you are correct, she doesn’t say it but it’s certainly implied that he’s a creep just because he happens to be good at something that she doesn’t approve of.

  7. “Women’s need to be safe comes first.”

    We had a system like that. It’s called Patriarchy. Miss Marcotte’s forbears spent their lives trying to destroy it.

  8. “Creep” no longer has any definable meaning. It’s what women say when they mean, “I’m mad at that man for some particular reason.”

  9. The only creeps I think that exist now adays are pedophiles. Women call men creeps b/ c betas harbor a true desire to bow before women. And being called a “creep” is the biggest insult you can hurl at said men. “not only will you not get the pussy, but you’re personality is totally anti-getting pussy.” suck it beta-boy.

  10. I don’t like all your terms PM, but your observation is dead-on: half the time, women who flock to PUA’s have their attraction and repellent instincts TOTALLY backwards! Me, I’d much rather be with a kind man; it’s the narcissists that make my skin crawl.

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  12. collegegirl on said:

    I know it gets thrown about two often, but honestly some men are just creeps (and no I don’t mean all of the ones you’re not attracted to), despite a firm (polite) rejection some just won’t take no for an answer, try the old ‘well I just want to be friends,’ then try and guilt you into swapping details, even follow you home. More often guys from other cultures, but it does happen, not at all unusual. Not fair to call someone a creep for poor social skills alone though.

    • P Ray on said:

      Are you sure you’re not saying “from other cultures” just to exclude the idea that you may be racist?
      After all, if someone looks different from you even if he’s grown up in your country of lived according to your mores the shorthand answer is to exclude him in a deniable way if you don’t want to interact with him.

      Not fair to call someone a creep for poor social skills alone though.
      Poor social skills according to your evaluation … which may simply be a way of excluding him because you’re racist.

    • LostSailor on said:

      and no I don’t mean all of the ones you’re not attracted to

      Actually, from observation and practice that is exactly what you mean, whether you realize it or not or are just trying to throw in a mild qualification. By definition, even pushy advances by a man you are attracted to will be the opposite of creepy, they will be welcome. To be considered “creepy” a man doesn’t even have to be aggressive about his approach to you. If he’s demonstrably unattractive or if he’s just a regular guy who you are not attracted to, a large majority of women will deem him “creepy.”

      That’s not a hack on women (well, yeah, I guess it sort of is a bit), it’s a truth of the sexual marketplace.

  13. collegegirl on said:

    No not at all, honestly Basically that kind of forwardness or pushiness makes me, and probably a lot of girls I’d say, uncomfortable. And yep ‘creepy,’ generally speaking in my experience it does tend to come from people who aren’t from my country originally, not always but generally, yes. Just a different way of doing things maybe idk. I was a bit hesitant to write that because I thought someone might think that, but it’s just my observation. Maybe even a little irrelevant here as I gather that’s not what this post is really about, creepy being used to describe just anyone for any reason, but I just thought I’d point out that some men really can be quite creepy like that.

    • P Ray on said:

      It could also simply be that you’re not attracted to what “men you’re not attracted to” do to get your attention.
      That’s okay, I’ve found women creepy too, when they try to jump my bones, but had previously failed the boner test.
      Too bad I can’t file a harassment charge against them though, where’s the equality?

  14. collegegirl on said:

    Just thought I’d add I know I’m a woman/girl you maybe want to ruffle my feathers a bit because I’m intruding on male territory here, but I genuinely didn’t want to offend anyone with my comment(s), or argue really, just to put another a female point of view across. Apologies if my comment was a bit inane, I gather most of the commenters on here already know plenty about women lol, but I read here and one or two other places because I’m genuinely interested in the opinions of men, also I’m fairly young and definately have a lot to learn about male-female dynamics, along with plenty other things!

    • You’ve boarded the Manosphere express and expect a bumpy ride. But the journey will result in some incredible wisdom about men, women, and relationships so the bumps will be worth it. You don’t need to put across another female viewpoint because the Red Pill men know almost too much about women already. Rather, you need to read, think, digest, and act accordingly in your personal life.

      As you are young, I especially recommend the “Woman Up” series of my posts:

      You are welcome to comment further. Ask questions and you’ll get some shockingly honest truths.

      Hint: if you find yourself getting offended, that means you’re finding those truths.

  15. collegegirl on said:

    Thanks! If I’m honest secretly I’m too easily offended in life in general, but I know it and I try not to let on or to let it cloud my judgement. I always try and remind myself that if it’s the truth then I was living it anyway whether I knew it or not.

  16. collegegirl on said:

    And I’ve read those already, I like them, there’s so much game advice out there for men, it would be geat if there was an equivalent for women. Also I definately think any kind of social awkwardness also hurts women too, even attractive ones, I don’t know if it’d get you lumped in the ‘creepy’ box, maybe ditzy/dopey or something?

    • P Ray on said:

      There is plenty of game advice out there for women.
      Look at Cosmopolitan, Cleo, Seventeen, Bunty …
      You see, advice to make women more attractive to most men, is considered helpful.
      Advice to make more men attractive to women is painted as abusive and manipulative.
      You know, the “all men are rapists” meme.

      • collegegirl on said:

        Well I don’t subscribe to the ‘advice that makes men attractive to women is manipulative’ view, hence why I read these sites, actually I’ve commented on this before (and think I’ve got it right in my own head now) but in fairness some men actually do complain about make up, high heels etc, in the same way, like they’re being conned by false advertisement or something. Anyway I figured out a lot of the advice on men in cosmo etc is dodgy ages ago, had that confirmed reading around on the internet – even some of its advice on hair and makeup can be a bit suspect (for attracting men).

        Also wrt your previous comment, that was a bit tenuous, who said anything about bringing harrassment charges? My views on them..? Not really comparable to your situation unless those same women feel somehow entitled to your contact details or something else for showing an interest in you, and you actually did say it was kind of creepy?

        Even if the laws on sexual harrassment etc are ridiculous, the number of women bringing them really must be negligable, It’s not really comparable in scale to other problems that have been pointed out with women today in general (weight, entitlement…) some of which I’m a bit embarassed to say I’ve been guilty of myself. And come on now really, at what point have I ever hinted that all men are rapists!! That’s ridiculous, no women actually think that, just because one mentalist says so it means that’s what everyone thinks, honestly.

    • LostSailor on said:

      A woman who correctly understands Game (and I’m not talking about PUAs here) will necessarily have understood the truth of the SMP. As well as the truth about our feminized society and culture and the harm that has been wrought on both men and women. Feminism has given women virtually everything they asked for, yet many are unhappier than ever in the SMP.

      At first, the demand was that society must change to accommodate feminist sexual and economic liberation. That has largely been accomplished: women are independent and don’t need to rely on a man after they’ve changed the legal culture to extract whatever resources they can’t achieve on their own from men or government. But one of the results has been less overall female happiness in the SMP, so the new demand is that men must change to accommodate female needs (see: fat-acceptance movement, the call for men to “man-up” to marriage who have already given away the best part of their sexuality, and “preglimony”).

      But men are beginning to not cooperate. They are starting to talk to and learn from each other. They are learning Game or Charisma, or “going their own way.” They won’t go quietly into further bondage.

      For women who can face up to this truth, the result will be better relationships with me, and more happiness. And maybe the salvation of our culture.

      I’m pessimistically hopeful. It may work, but it will be an Iwo-Jima-style uphill battle. I don’t know if I’m up for it. If not, I’ll be joining PM pool-side.

      But you’re welcome if you want to learn. Good luck.

      • LostSailor on said:

        That should be “the result will be better relationships with men and more happiness. Though I’m perfectly fine with better relationships with me…

      • collegegirl on said:

        I do want to learn! Freudian slip haha.. But yes I agree in facing upto the truth in general, we’re all living it whether we acknowledge or not. It’s not always what you want to hear (read?) but that’s life hey. Although some I’ve actually learned something quite nice – I was never really aware of the romantic side to men, I hadn’t really thought about the sacrifices they make for the women they love, I honestly believed that depth of feeling was something reserved to women. When I read things like that it makes me want to be the sort of woman worthy of it.

  17. It’s extremely hard for a woman to be “creepy”. That adjective is almost universally applied to men. Here’s an unpleasant truth: the more attractive a woman is, the fewer social skills she needs. Socially awkward women are usually called “ditzy” if they’re nice, “bitchy” if they’re not.

    • P Ray on said:

      Barney Stinson has talked about the “crazy eyes”.
      I’ve seen some women sporting those … it’s true, they look like relatives of Michelle Bachman.

  18. collegegirl on said:

    I agree, although in some places most of the women are attractive! That’s where being sociable and charming could give somebody a little edge I think

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