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The Dating Phone

Prepaid cellular phones are an extremely cheap way to acquire a second cell phone. It’s the dating cell phone and is advantageous in a number of ways:

1. Jilted women can commit some stalkerish behavior, especially involving phones. A spurned lover can blow up a phone with calls, texts and voicemails. The dating phone can simply be thrown away and replaced by a new dating phone. Remember to get the contact information stored in the phone and notify your contacts of your new phone number. You’ll need a good excuse, perhaps tell them the truth that an ex is blowing up your phone.

2. As each and every minute costs money, there is great motivation to keep the conversations short. Short phone calls prevent a guy from revealing too much information and therefore creates a bit of mystery. Just don’t tell her that you are calling with a prepaid phone. She’ll think you as cheap.

3. You can leave the dating phone behind at your place or in your car and still take emergency calls on your primary phone. When women call or text the dating phone, you’re sometimes or often unavailable. That sends the message that you’re busy with life. I know that many guys are incredibly tempted to answer calls or immediately return a text from women. Not having the phone around all the time prevents such temptation.

4. It forces you to interact more personally with the women in your dating pipeline. If it’s a pain to text (no real keyboard on cheap phones), then you’ll be talking more. As talking costs money, you’ll be having more face to face d

5. It functions as a backup phone should your primary phone fail for some reason. Batteries die, outages happen, carriers have dead zones.

Here are some tips regarding the dating phone:

Make sure that it’s a different provider than your primary phone. You don’t want the dating phone to be in any way associated with your primary phone. Also, if your primary carrier has a dead zone, the dating phone carrier may work.

Keep it cheap. While you’re not going to get all sorts of bells and whistles, you want to keep your investment costs low in case you have to toss it. I bought a $15 phone at Walmart (TracFone) and it came with 30 minutes. I’ve had this one for almost two years and I’ve only had to buy minutes and a new battery.

Get a double minute phone (TracFone might even offer a triple minute phone) to save money. Also, buy your minutes in relatively small amounts. I buy 60 minutes at a time (ends up being 120 minutes) and that has served me well. If I toss the phone, I don’t lose too many minutes.

When you’re on a date or with a girl, keep the dating phone hidden and silent. This is vital. Discovery of the dating phone might lead to complications. Also, it’s still necessary to put a code lock on your primary phone because if some cupcake gets hold of it she won’t be able to see that your calls and texts didn’t come from your primary phone.

Given how cheap the dating phone option is, I’m surprised that it hasn’t been strongly recommended.

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