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Identifying Female Archetypes With The ® Symbol

This issue is bothering me of late.

There is much discussion about the stereotypical NiceGuy®. This is the type of fellow who thinks that being “nice” to a girl will yield physical intimacy but rather he gets emotional intimacy in the form of being the girl’s emotional tampon. The whole NiceGuy® approach is what mothers – usually single – tell their sons as advice on how to be more attractive to girls.

The taxonomy of men is quite well understood by females. Creeps® and BadBoys® are also part of that taxonomy. The Manosphere lacks clever titles to quickly denote a common female archetype. Sure, we talk about entitlement princesses but perhaps we need to brand that. Something like “EntitlementPrincess®” to indicate that the female in question has expectations too high and thinks that she deserves everything in life merely because she possesses a vagina.

In fact, the registered trademark symbol can be useful for so many terms that have become nasty clichés:

  • “ForTheChildren®”
  • “WhiteKnight®”
  • “PussyPass®”
  • “SexPozzie®”
  • “CatHerder®”
  • “DeserveBitch®”

You get the idea. The “(tm)” works just as well and is useful when ascii symbols aren’t immediately available when posting or commenting.

I think we should spread this idea ’round the Manosphere and see what happens.

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