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Throttle Back To Beta

I ride a motorcycle that has some serious engine braking going on. That has proven to be quite useful when I’m out on the vicious highways here in tropical paradise.

As I was once a serious beta orbiter chump, I have learned to throttle back to these behaviors should the situation require it to avoid excess emotional entanglements. If a woman is getting all hot and heavy but yet I don’t desire a long term relationship (LTR) with her, I throttle back to beta behaviors and her LTR ardor cools.

It’s all rather delicate. I do run the risk of losing the sexual element with the woman in question, at least short term. It’s a worthy risk.

But for the alpha (or aspiring) gentlemen who get it, try this line as a quick air-drop of water on a hamster about to catch fire:

“I’ll do anything you want this weekend.”

The rationalization hamster, doused with water, stops running in the wheel. If you’ve been the one who has lead the situation in regards to dating and coital endeavors, the phrase freezes them up and they get all wonky.

Use the window of opportunity to date other women.

You’re welcome.

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8 thoughts on “Throttle Back To Beta

  1. this is funny. i have to hit it though before i pull a “beta bail”. and even then, i’d just assume tell her i’m not interested.

    last night, at my local watching football (geaux saints) there’s a woman (i’ve known her for about a year) 32, 2 kids, a 6, divorced, great tits. and she has got to think the world revolves around her. and get this, she was recently FIRED from a job at publix. now i flirt with everyone. i do. but i finally got tired of her entitlement BS. so i speak to her (if she initiaites a conversation) but now all i do is push pull her. i NEVER compliment her.

    i was listening in on her and her “girls night out” speak and dear God almighty, i wanted to laugh out loud. a 32 year old mother of 2 getting wasted (and she was drunk as hell) in a bar and claiming her value over all other man. “i’m not gonna find a good man out here…etc”, with a group of overweight 3-4’s. single mom (32 and a tounge ring btw) is the only one i’d even consider nailing. and even then…..i wouldn’t brag about it.

    bitch, you worked as a cashier at a publix and you live in a sigle wide with your 2 kids and parents. STOP IT. you’re no prize. smh. God do i need to get out of here. these girls suck. at least you get the luxury of genuine beach arm candy you dick-bag. lol.

    • “Dick-bag”

      Coming from you, that’s a compliment.

      Yeah, lots of beach arm-candy ’round these parts.

    • That’s the problem: thanks to the obesity epidemic 6’s are surrounded by 3’s and so they think they are 8’s.

      If I move, Ill move to Colorado, which, last I heard, has the lowest obesity rate in the country.

      Tongue pierced? I bet she’s taken a “mile of cock”, so to speak.

  2. PM- it is. so glad you took as such.

    NMH- nice analogy. i’d have to agree. “mile of cock”… doubt. and her vag has to be as beat up as freddy kruger’s hat. *shuders*

  3. Bismarck, ND of all places, had some of the best decent women I have seen in a long time. Minimal tats and slender girl-next-door types.

    The women are nice and about 20 years behind the entitlement mentality. The average weight appears to be 20 to 30 pounds less than in Fargo, ND (which has a higher number of professional jobs). Bismarck women are as attractive as in Minneapolis (which is quite cosmopolitan and has a lot of slender Scandanavian heritage women).

    In Bismarck, since many of the men are working physical jobs on the oildfield, there seems to be a lot of alpha in the air. Maybe this is enough to prompt the women to keep up their MV. Also the basic highschool education is very good and the people are generally intelligent, but this is still (mostly) a working class town with average joes. The boom times are amazing. There seemed to be many girls of the marrying type. The percentage of young women with rings on their fingers was high. It felt like the divorced/cougar population was low. I only spent a week there so my observations are not extensive. It felt like the way things were back in the 1980s.

    A young man should learn a trade, high-voltage electricial, truck driver, pipefitter or welder. Wages are execptional, women are decent, taxes are low and all that sucks is the wind, heat and humidity in the summer and the wind, cold and snow in the winter. All in all, not a bad trade to get away from the divorce culture, raise kids and find a non-entitlement mentality, non-princess wife and reduce your risk of losing more than half your shit and becoming an indentured servant.

    A good technical writer that can write O&M procedures would also do well professionally (but he’d have to buy a truck).

    Game strategies are necessary and have been outlined to deal with the typical woman in the US. It is refreshing and amazing to find a enclave that has not been corrupted (as much) as in the general populace.

    • Interestingly, I recommended North Dakota to a friend seeking work.

      And here is a recommendation for a particular city in that cold and windy state.

      If I were a younger man, I might explore that option.

      Sadly, I am not a younger man.

      Stay thirsty.

  4. johnnymilfquest on said:

    Aha! That makes sense.

    Maybe the nicest way to make a woman get lost is to start being “emotionally available”.

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