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New Contract Job For Me

I’m back squarely in corporate America doing the cube monkey, wage ape thing. It’s a long term contract job and that always puts me in the unique position of being an outsider on the inside. One of the great things about working in a large, busy office building with hundreds of people is the opportunity to observe human interactions and the individual people.

I earn my pay by being a professional communicator. Usually I’m surrounded by technologists and these folks – most always men – don’t present good opportunities for learning but I could sure teach them something. Quite fortunately, this building contains all the departments necessary to run a capitalistic endeavor. So when I walk around I get to see the marketing folks – most always women – and the finance people as well as the legions of supporting departments. It’s endlessly fascinating to me and as I have taken the red pill, I see people through a completely different lens.

However there is a real problem here and it’s somewhat unique to South Florida, particularly Miami Dade County. English is not often spoken in casual conversation. Of course, business is conducted in English but the day do day casual interactions here are done in Spanish, Creole (Haitian or Jamaican), or a language from India. This is frustrating but not without benefits. I have to concentrate on the nuances of body language as I subtly observe how my new colleagues are communicating. This is taking a good deal of work.

There is also another benefit to such a multi-cultural company. The women dress and look better. White collar Latinas down here are well known for their stylish work outfits. Frankly, they look great. There is a great deal of eye candy in this building. I do not envy my fellow Manosphere bloggers working in parts of the world where the women folk are plagued with a flood of obesity and a drought of style.

As an aside, I’m reasonably good at what I do and so I have a surprising amount of free time to write my own stuff. Also, I always have my personal laptop and an aircard so I am free to hit any website without worrying about prying eyes on the company network.

As befitting a large, corporate headquarters, there is a subsidized cafeteria, ample and safe parking. It’s right off a major highway so there is little or no surface traffic nastiness that is generally unsafe for vulnerable motorcycle riders like me. The commute is long in distance but not so bad in time, about 35 minutes each way.

The final bonus here is that I don’t have to deal at all with Human Resources. I’m a contract employee and free of all the bullshit that human resource departments dole out. I take pride in not having anything to do with that department. In my experience, corporate human resources is an estrogen-poisoned rathole of political correctness and misandry backed up by ugly laws and uglier lawyers.


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14 thoughts on “New Contract Job For Me

  1. Simon Rierdon on said:

    If you like that atmosphere, you would absolutely adore Europe. I have plenty of free time to write and the women in the corporate offices here dote on traveling professionals to the point of embarrassment sometimes. Every morning a very cute blonde Russian expat brings me coffee and danishes, if it wasn’t bad form for here I would hit on her (she’s married to a German engineer from the company I’m working for). I was just in the states for a three week vacation and I couldn’t wait to get back over here to Europe. Even Florida is getting really bad for us guys that have taken the red pill.

    • I really do like the atmosphere here. One of the advantages of my career specialty is that no one really knows how to manage me and that’s just fine. I know what needs to be done, I do it reasonably well, and no one bugs me.

      This current gig is amazingly international. The eye candy is spectacular. Just this very morning I accidentally stepped (very lightly) on a woman’s foot while waiting in line at the cafeteria for breakfast. I apologized profusely and pointed out my large motorcycle boots.

      A few minutes later she asked if she could sit with me as I ate. We proceeded to have a nice – but brief – conversation. She was friendly, polite, and pleasant.

      Guess which country she was NOT from?

  2. Iain D on said:

    Congrats on the new gig. It sounds great! Do you know if they have a Toronto office? πŸ˜‰

  3. wingman on said:

    Congrats on the paycheck without the worries. I would use every opportunity to crush, kill and destroy. At my old company in NYC, guys would routinely compare notes on their ‘count’ of co-workers. And those were regular HR-bound employees. As they say, life is like a box of chocolates – and a company environment is the ultimate Whitman sampler.

  4. Enjoy it dude. OTOH, every morning I get on a shuttle bus full of obese middle-aged nurses in smocks. Its incredibly depressing…..

    OT…even women in their 60’s demand the gina tingle:

    • wingman on said:

      Thanks for that – there’s a lot of information in the article. No matter what, loneliness is a better option than the dude who can’t make you tingle. She says herself she couldn’t settle for Mr. all right, like she might have in the past. Beta providers beware.

  5. johnnymilfquest on said:

    Sounds like a sweet gig.

  6. Jim Skrydlak on said:

    Usually I’m surrounded by technologists and these folks – most always men – don’t present good opportunities for learning but I could sure teach them something.

    That’s odd. I always learn a lot when I talk to technologists.

  7. LostIrishman on said:

    I’ve just relocated to South Florida from Ireland and loving the eye candy,the attention from being the new shiny thing is fun too.

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