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“Can I Get Him To Commit?” Breaking It Down

A serious tip o’ the hat to Haley. Seriously, a major tip o’ the hat.

Evaluation process of the average girl who has a healthy rationalization hamster:

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11 thoughts on ““Can I Get Him To Commit?” Breaking It Down

  1. Nice work there,simple yet eloquent beyond words

  2. That’s great! The problem is women can keep this scale as they age because as we get older, thanks to the obesity epidemic, there are a much greater number of high SMV men compared to women, and so there is always a competition for a woman that is age-adjusted 7 or greater. As I said before, it never gets better for men, because women’s SMV declines far more rapidly than men’s with passing time.

    • My Name Is Jim on said:

      Yeah I’ve noticed NMH. I’m married, but when I go out places I notice a lot of women have fairly flabby physiques even in the young ages now. But nonetheless they act quite entitled. I’m in much better shape than they are and look a lot younger than my age (most people are surprised when they find out the real number). But that still wouldn’t matter if I were single and about to approach. Because there are usually two or three other men sitting down the bar from me who are there without girlfriends who are in better shape than I am. From what I see around me, men work harder at getting in shape than women do.

      Women complain that they are judged more heavily on looks than men are, meaning that men are more focused on that than anything else. But even if true, that doesn’t say anything about whether the overall bar higher or lower. The bar is set higher for the man, and probably always will be, because the average woman is more reproductively valuable than the average man. ( See Roissy’s response to point 7.) But pointing that fact out to most women just turns up their bitch shields, so there’s nothing to do but suck it up and keep going to the gym and hope one of these days you can outshine the male competition. Speaking of which, today’s shoulder day for me.

      • “Speaking of which, today’s shoulder day for me.” Ha-ha!. Yep, I had Dead Lift day on Saturday and Military Press day yesterday. Today is Squat day. And I have to always improve my lead at Ball room dancing.

        Years ago I was rated a “7”, which I was fine with. I am dating a low 7 right now, but if I wanted an 8, I would have to be a dancer at the teacher level, Bench 1.5 times my weight, have below 20% body fat, and use game interminably.

        Its not worth it.

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  4. basilransom on said:

    The “healthy rationalization hamster” bit is redundant. Otherwise a good show.

  5. Anonymous on said:

    Speakin’ the truth.

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  7. what does “Smv” stand for? Excuse my ignorance..

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