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False Text Error – Text Game Amplified Exponentially

My friend, Balthazar, discovered quite the texting Game tactic. He calls it the “false text error”. He uses it to distract or deflect girls who are into the whole texting thing. There are times when he simply wants to keep a girl on the hook but doesn’t want to use the whole text waiting Game.

When he receives a text from such a girl, he sends a canned message such as this:

“Error B110A, the recipient of your message is unavailable at this time. Please wait at least one hour before attempting to message the recipient again.”

This means he can ignore any future texts from her for the next hour. Fucking brilliant. Sure, the text came from his own phone but it looks official as if AT & T or Verizon actually sent the text.

There are actually three parts to the false phone text error –

1. An official-looking error code. This is vital. It adds credibility.

2. A reason for the error. Hell, this could be anything from “unavailable” to “account is temporarily closed and will be available after 24 hours”. A good false phone text error needs some serious believability. My neighbor told me that some networks have the “recipient is driving” kind of thing.

3. A call to action. This is also important because the recipient of the false text error should be told what to do. Perhaps it means waiting for a few minutes or even a day or more. It could be even oddly funny: “The recipient’s account requires at least 10 more text messages.”

Some phones/text plans include templates or draft messages that can be sent at a moment’s notice. A quick response adds to the overall credibility. Balthazar has several such messages ready to go at a moment’s notice.

These kinds of “error” messages can up text Game to new levels of strategy and/or hilarity. However, they must be formatted correctly and contain NO spelling or grammar mistakes.

Let the text games begin!

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10 thoughts on “False Text Error – Text Game Amplified Exponentially

  1. Fidel on said:

    Now this sounds like it could be fun ……

    Thanks for the brilliant idea …

  2. this is genius and i will be passing it on to my readers.

    Error FU187 The recipient cannot be reached at this time. Or anytime ever really.

    • It’s this kind of rejection that results in NiceGuys(tm) learning PUA. So, please urge your female readers to employ nasty, emasculating, and insulting rejections every time a creepy NiceGuy(tm) approaches them.

      Seriously, I mean it.

      More men need to take the red pill.

  3. 1lettuce on said:

    PM, I usually agree with (and appreciate) your Game tips, but… I’m not sure about this one. I think, at it’s heart, it’s a good idea, but gals closer to my age range (18-27) see through it?

    Curious, how old is Balthazar and how old are the women he usually dates?

  4. The younger ones might see through that right away, I really don’t know. But even so, the false text message is a nice deflection.

    Balthazar is in his early 40s and the range of women he dates spans from mid 20s to upper 40s. He’s got a great Twitter feed that I am trying to put on his page.

  5. @Private Man & 1lettuce – Younger girls might discover the truth if they run to the nearest LJBF nerd and ask what’s wrong with their phone. Left to their own devices, the ruse will remain intact. Most girls don’t know anything about technology beyond its basic usage.

  6. This sounds childish to me and overdone. Why the devil would you want girls to be nastier to nice guys, and encourage them to act like PUA’s? The red pill means that masculinity and femininity attracts and that the dating market is screwed up, not that otherwise good men should sink to its level to get laid.

  7. robert smith on said:

    I’ve been doing this for years! Lol

  8. Hunter Murphy on said:


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