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Day Game Openers – A Recommendation

My blog buddy, Badger, brought up some brilliance regarding day game and openers.

I take a very different tactic and it’s fun and friendly for me but perhaps a bit more advanced for some. A caveat here, I am a gregarious and witty fellow. That’s not a boast, that’s just how it is. I’m a word guy and I’m extremely good at what I do.

I don’t start with “hi” or “good morning”.

My best success with day game openers is to start a conversation with something I have in common with the woman I see.

“In common?” You ask suspiciously. “You don’t even know this girl’s name, how do you know what you have in common?”

It’s funny how the obvious is always so hard to see.

Let’s say I’m walking down to my village for a beer. I’m waiting at the long traffic light and an attractive woman is standing next to me, also waiting to cross the street. I don’t know her. I have never spoken to her before. It’s a very warm and humid evening. A rain storm has just passed and the pavement is still wet. A large group of people is across the street, also waiting for the traffic light to change.

I’m going to open a conversation with this woman. I’m going to open with something that we have in common.

I turn my head slightly towards her and say in a conversational voice, “This must be the longest traffic light in South Florida.”

That’s what we have in common. We’re both waiting for a long traffic light to change.

Get it now?

Just by occupying a similar space and experiencing similar things in the immediate environment, you and the other person have something in common.

Here are some more:

“Let’s not get trampled by that crowd across the street, they look mean.” (Just a bunch of harmless tourists)

“It’s good that the rain stopped.”

“That puddle looks very deep.”

These are just innocuous remarks on something in common, the shared experience of the moment.

If my frame is good enough, I’ll go for some mild humor:

“Wow, it’s so warm, I think my fingernails are sweating.”

“It’s a good thing the rain stopped, it was really messing up my hair.” (I’m bald).

The tone of voice is important. It must be casual. Too serious and much of the opener can be lost.

The secret about such openers is to be keenly aware of your immediate surroundings. It’s incredibly important to have situational awareness, to know what’s going on around you, to notice the potential shared experiences.

To see what you have in common. To find the shared experience.

Such openers aren’t cheesy, they are friendly and inviting to continue the conversation.

If you get a positive response, keep going. Ask her a relatively innocuous question.

“Are you visiting or do you live here?”

This is always a great question because I have some canned responses.

“Oh you’re visiting, welcome to the village”, said in a very polite tone. Then I follow up with “Spend more money” in a very serious tone. This always gets a laugh.

“Ah, you’re a local. That makes seven of us.” This gets a laugh, too.

I do know that even such polite banter is very difficult for some guys. I really feel for shy men to whom such conversation is worse than a trip to the dentist. I always think of my friend, Taciturn Tom, who sits at the bar and can only muster up the strength to talk to the other regulars with whom he feels comfortable.

The shared experience opener is always good for me. Even if it takes practice, it’s something that I strongly recommend.

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14 thoughts on “Day Game Openers – A Recommendation

  1. OffTheCuff on said:

    Perfect! I find the best opener gives the other person something specific and easy for them to respond to. That specific thing might be a funny obvious lie, exaggeration, or observation about the situation at hand. Observing the other person is too forward.

  2. as far as i’m concerned, this isn’t game, this is “people knowing skills.”

    to me “game” is unnatural. but i do agree that it’s a very useful tool in navigating the minefield of female mind.

  3. johnnymilfquest on said:

    Roosh has a name for this. “Enviromental Openers”.

    You just talk about what’s going on around you. I would feel much better using environmental openers that canned lines or routines.

    Not because canned lines routines can’t work, but because I’m not such a great actor.

  4. Interesting site you have here. I found it by accident. You’ve got some good stuff going on here.

    On the subject of your post:

    As men continue to put into practice their ability to start conversations with unknown women, the easier it’ll become over time. I think that one of the worst things that guys can do is making “too much” out of the act of simply approaching a woman.

    Usually what happens to a lot of guys——especially the more socially inept or shy guys is that they put too much stock in the outcome of their opening statements. One way for guys to “get over” their fear of approaching women in the day time OR at night time is to get over “themselves” first.

    What I mean by that is that the more guys think of talking to a random woman with the same “lack” of anxiety that they’d have when striking up a conversation with another guy or a senior citizen or an “unattractive” woman——–then the better able they’ll be at pulling this off with the quote unquote “Hot” girls.

    Victory Unlimited

    • OK… I approved this message even though the spam factor is high. Yet you’re making some good points and those cannot be ignored.

      What I mean by that is that the more guys think of talking to a random woman with the same “lack” of anxiety than they’d have when striking up a conversation with another guy or a senior citizen or an “unattractive” woman——–then the better able they’ll be at pulling this off with the quote unquote “Hot” girls.

      So VU… I invite you to join the Manosphere.

  5. wingman on said:

    Just be a friendly guy who talks to a lot of people in all kinds of situations. No need to put too much significance on talking to women. Friendly people are attractive to everybody, and being a fun guy for other guys is a great way to attract women. Only one thing – being friendly doesn’t mean becoming a buffoon, which is a first-class ticket to beta hell.

  6. Never thanked you for the link love (was on TDY when it posted). This is good stuff. Roosh calls this the situational opener, and being able to come up with them is a good indicator of your on-your-feet verbal ability.

    Sort of in that vein, tonight I asked a woman if there was a memo going around about wearing purple because she was the 16th woman I’d seen wearing purple that day. Although the set didn’t go well, the opener worked.

  7. “Friendly people are attractive to everybody, and being a fun guy for other guys is a great way to attract women.”


  8. Richard on said:

    I too think that situational openers are the best way to open women.
    I would say Game is being confident in our ability to seduce women. Specifically seduction as a good term to be a man who leads women who secretly want to be sensual to be sensual, otherwise it’s just being friends. I have also found out to not spend too much time talking to men when out socially because that’s the wrong gender for a straight man like me. I don’t think I’ve met any male friends that have in turn helped me to meet a woman to date. The prospects I want to be in front of most often who can say yes to game/seduction are women.

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