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Blog Recommendation

When I run across a good blog, I usually bookmark it and return on a regular basis. If I were smart, I would subscribe and get email notifications.

But I ain’t smart.

There’s a youngish fellow who has been part of the Manosphere and he’s got a decent blog going on. Check it out here:

He’s definitely a red pill man.

I also think he lives in Atlanta, a city that I truly enjoy. I lived there on three separate occasions over the years and even owned a house in the northern part of the metropolitan area. While I am enjoying South Florida, I’d head back to Atlanta in a heartbeat.

Check out my man 1lettuce and encourage him to post more.



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6 thoughts on “Blog Recommendation

  1. Lived in Atlanta for 8 years myself, including off N Druid Hills, Dunwoody, Home park, and Grant Park.

    Boy was I happy to leave that town.

    • Interesting that we had such different experiences.

      I lived in Dunwoody, Roswell, and Virginia-Highlands.

      • 1lettuce on said:

        I’ve lived in the Metro most of my life. I enjoy it there – the only family I give a shit about live there, so I have no intention of leaving the state permanently.

  2. Well, I was in school and dirt poor.

    This may bring back delightful memories…

  3. Next time your in Atlanta let me know, Ill drive down (not too far away) and make some attempt to be your wing. Ill buy your booze as well.

  4. i saw his posts on badger’s site and am now following. good blog.

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