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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

I found this image over at Roissy’s place buried in the comments.

There really isn’t much of a need for further comments.

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13 thoughts on “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

  1. My Name Is Jim on said:

    Well he is from another galaxy, imagine the weird viruses he must have. Not to mention they have to use a Kevlar condom to protect her from the blast.

  2. She’s thinking: “Pfftt… I should be wearing the S suit.”

    But at least Superman gets to bag a 10 occasionally.

  3. detinennui32 on said:

    And women wonder why the manosphere exists..

    And women honestly can’t figure out why men are angry, frustrated and bitter.

    And women scratch their heads in bewilderment at the MGTOW movement (small as it is).

    It never occurs to them why they get pumped & dumped over and over and over again. They lament, wail and gnash their teeth, all to no avail. All sound and fury, signifying nothing.

    And women wonder why men shut down, turn off and drop out.

  4. Opus on said:


  5. Lily on said:

    Weirdly my first reaction to this pic was a bit jealous of her boobies. Then I thought oh she has a bit of a tummy though Then I looked at his body. lol.

    To be fair, he probably isn’t around a lot. In fact if he wasn’t who he was and a female friend of you told you about her R with this guy who did X and Y (namely randomly turn up and disappear), you’d probably tell her he was an alpha dickwad or some other nice American turn of phrase?

  6. Odysseus on said:

    When Superman is out saving the world, she is no longer the center of attention. Besides, the Clark Kent side of his personality is too beta.

  7. Anon on said:

    When did Lois Lane get a set of rock hard implants?

  8. i think i’d be thinking, “turn off the light, i’m trying to sleep.”

    i LOVE telling this joke to women to eff with them: “what’s the quickest, most certain way to bring a woman to orgasm?”

    “who cares?” wokka wokka.

  9. wingman on said:

    ‘ol Superman has the bod alright… but does he have the cash?

    She probably wants shiny metal bits to hang on her body – evidence someone in her life has paid the right price.

  10. Richard on said:

    On Youtube Chris Rock said a few funny things like this about how women are always thinking who do I need to get to give me what I want and always thinking when they are with one man if they can get a better man.

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