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I Pity The Younger Generation

This website got my attention some months ago but I haven’t been keeping up with it as much as I should.

It’s scary shit.

No, it’s really, really scary shit.

Do young women really act like this?

Are men really so much pussy-whipped that they put up with this shit?

The Facebook quiz associated with the website is depressing but so much of it seems so true after considering my own experiences and what I have read on the Manosphere.

The My Crazy Girlfriend website deserves much more traffic and much more attention.

Spread it ’round the Manosphere.

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21 thoughts on “I Pity The Younger Generation

  1. Jason on said:

    Yes, and yes is my answer. We must spread the word.

  2. “Are men really so much pussy-whipped that they put up with this shit?”

    Privateman, why DO these guys put up with that kind of behavior? Any ideas? Some of those were engagement stories! Why sign up for a marriage with that kind of behavior?

    • johnnymilfquest on said:

      Some men put a giant premium on sexual access to women who are physically attractive.

      The irony is that putting such a huge premium on this access insures either that they won’t get it at all, or that they’ll end up in relationships with women who treat them with total contempt.

    • detinennui32 on said:

      Johnny is right. Let me add that some men put up with this abuse (and it IS abuse) because they think they have no other options. They know theiy’re putting up with shit and they shouldn’t have to, but they’ve got it in their heads that for whatever reason, no other woman will love them or have sex with them. Mostly it’s because they’ve lost perspective and have no game.

      That’s what I did.

      I put up with endless fitness testing and crap from a woman for four years – complaining about everything, making unlreasonable demands on my time, demanding that I spend money I didn’t have on her, withholding sex. And I put up with it because I thought I had no other options. I was a young guy losing my hair to male pattern baldness and thought no other woman would love me.

      That’s one of the blessings of game – perspective and self-reliance. Leave one woman, there’ll always be another one. If one woman doesn’t respond to you, another one will. A hard and fast rule in today’s SMP for men is:

      If this one doesn’t work out, there will always be another one.

      (Of course, that rule doesn’t apply for women so much, unless they are sexually attractive.)

      Knowing what I know now, I would have kicked Entitled Princess to the curb in four weeks or less. .

      I know it sounds like tough talk, but now, with my wife? She pulls this on me, I push back. Hard.

      Men: don’t put up with this. Don’t.

  3. When you are in the testosterone haze, many will put up with just about anything, even justifying female bad behavior with moral relativism, which is what the feminists want. That’s what I did, unfortunately.

  4. NMH,
    Men put up with it because they’re horny…and they justify female bad behavior because women now have permission by culture to act badly? Is that what you’re saying?

    Spending any time with anyone that is treats you disrespectfully seems too big of a price to pay…especially if it keeps you out of rotation from meeting normal people.

    • What happened to me is that I, receiving a good SWPL education, was imbued with the idea of moral relativism, and, in this context, I I was brainwashed into accepting female bad behavior because to not do so would be judgmental, because I never walked in her shoes. I was not strong enough to stand up to it at the time for this reason. I think there are a few men who are like this.

      • But Game teaches men to be strong.

        Athol Kay to the white courtesy phone.

      • detinennui32 on said:

        NMH is right, too. Let me add that women often pull the “I’ll just break up with you” card or the silent “If you don’t do what I want, no sex for you” card.

        Looking back, I should have just said “Go ahead, break up with me.” or “OK. No sex, no relationship. If you intend on making implicit threats to get what you want, we’re done.”

        NMH, in light of the current educational system, I KNOW there are a few men like what you describe.

  5. wingman on said:

    Although rare, there are actually women – precious few – who are mature, giving, responsible and fun. Trouble is, if you want all that and sexy too, it’s a virtual impossibility. Like the old saw ‘power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely’, a sexually attractive woman is imbued with too much power.

    • Bingo. I have found those positive qualities in a cute woman, but not a sexy one. And even the good cute ones become exceedingly rare as you age.

      • Is this quest for a sane, sexy woman parallel to a woman who is looking for a kind, alpha male? Both are exceedingly rare?

        And in both cases: the betas — the nice provider guy, the cute sane woman—are not as sexually attractive to the other sex and therefore not valued or desired?

      • I agree, Bb. Men and women need to understand what is sexy in one other and no matter how superficial it seems, do it, even if it means that a man act confident/cocky beyond reason and a woman keeps in shape and wears wigs.

  6. odysseus on said:

    I read through all the stories on I noticed a few themes that ran though the posts: drunkenness, bad tempers, abuse of Facebook, a general lack of basic civility, obsesssive behavior, spite, cheating, and unfounded jealousy. Men should avoid any women who exhibit these behaviors. Men help themselves by avoiding these same bad habits. I apologize for sounding moralistic, but we should not let women and our desire for sex drag us down as women continue to explore the depths of depravity.

    • Don’t apologize for sounding moralistic. That’s the big problem in our society. People are ashamed to have morals and are shamed by others for having them. Stick to your morals, stick them in other people’s faces whenever you can and help them figure out that their moral relativism isn’t based in reality and is ultimately destructive.

  7. dddunn3d on said:

    What I see is girls, women, whatever they call themselves now-a-days acting like the prototypical man (or at least what they think how the proto-man acts).

    I blame the progressives/liberals and their genderilization.

    (genderilization = generalizing both genders into sameness)

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  9. Ye gods, that web site is frightening.

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