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Snooping And Fishing

Women snoop. Given a chance they will look through your cell phone calls and texts, go through your wallet, dig through your Facebook account, try to get to your emails, eavesdrop on phone calls, etc. When you start dating someone and they are at your place, it’s very important to keep the snoop factor low. Here are some basic guidelines to follow:

1. Code lock your cell phone and keep it in your pocket or out of plain site.
2. Keep your wallet in your pocket
3. Text in private
4. Hide your relationship status in Facebook
5. Destroy your paper receipts
6. Password lock your computer (ctrl-alt-del)
7. Put away personal papers so they are out of view, preferably locked up.
8. Set your phone to silent.
9. Bathrooms are a rich source for women to snoop. Hide anything vaguely incriminating.

For each guideline I have a personal story. I will not be telling those personal stories.

The reason for keeping your wallet and your cellphone in your pockets is for when you might step away for a bathroom break or to tend to something that takes you out of her site when you’re on a date or she’s visiting your place. Young women are far more likely to snoop. A woman with wisdom and experience likely has as much reason to be discreet as a man of wisdom and experience and hopefully she won’t snoop so much.

Fishing is another type of snooping but it’s based on somewhat clever questioning from her. Fishing also involves a fair degree of shit testing, too. Here’s a typical fishing question:

“You didn’t call me last night, did you have a good time?”

There is so much going on with this one question that an ordinary man would reel back, staggering defensively. She’s fishing for information and delivering a shit test all in one.

A younger red pill man would be wise to agree and amplify.

“Damn right I had a good time, those two girls were insatiable.”

An older and wiser red pill man would simply foist off the evening onto a sockpuppet.

“I was talking to my brother, he’s got a minor crisis with his youngster daughter”.

This is a deflection onto another subject and bringing in kids will usually seize the woman’s attention.

“Is everything alright?”

Instead of constructing some stupid story (yeah, it’s a lie, sue me), simply deflect again.

“It’s been resolved, he knows what he has to do.”

Then change the subject back to her. Women love talking about themselves and their feelings.

Fishing for information through conversation is something a man must be on guard for. What might seem a casual and innocuous response could be, unknowingly, too revealing. This especially true in the early dating (pre-nookie) phase. Remember that she is likely looking for reasons to reject you and so fishing is extremely important to her.

A good red pill man maintains some mystery by protecting against snooping and being on guard for fishing.

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