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A Great Game Movie

My neighbor is a 40-something, never married woman who understands the red pill attitude. She clued me into this move:

The Makeover

Rodger Keaton is a socially challenged, clinically frigid, computer nerd, desperate single white male. Patricia Bartlett is a ruthless award winning journalist who has found her man. Pitted against overwhelming odds, Hollywood makeover Guru Brad Holloway is blackmailed via the threat of crippling publicity. Brad’s challenge is a “mission impossible” makeover and he must prove with substantial results that his Ultimate Makeover Services are the ‘Real Deal’. Over the next six weeks, Brad & Rodger take a most unlikely journey into often uncharted terrain, with hilarious & heart warming results at every turn. But can true change be given a deadline? And can anything with a deadline be thoroughly achieved? A willing dog can learn a thousand new tricks, but is self-identity a trick? Can it be learnt, or must it be found? Join Rodger on a roller coaster of fear, anxiety, disaster, celebration, discovery, reinvention & hope as he hurtles toward the finishing line in this race against time.

It’s a small, Australian movie (2009) and is awash in Game concepts. Hell, even the word “Game” is used copiously. Watching the transformation of the beta into a player is hilarious and encouraging. The protagonist becomes a seduction machine. Of course, maybe Australian women are easy. The script writer obviously read a bunch of Game books and came up with a clever movie. Oh… and there is a mention of a “PUA Lair”. Yeah, all Game, all the time.

The ending is messily thought-provoking.

Sadly, I can’t find it on Netflix but it’s on a Youtube channel. I’d link to it but I’m a bit concerned about piracy stuff.

I encourage everyone in the Manosphere to check out this motion picture.

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