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Manosphere Powers… ACTIVATED!

Spread this far and wide because it’s extremely destructive to masculinity and everything important to the Manosphere.

Paul Elam is onboard. Read his entire post. Please.

The original link:

Every Manosphere blogger needs to be aware of this. Remember the worst video ever made by men? Those guys are involved and it’s our chance to shout out the Manosphere voice, loudly and clearly and firmly. As Paul himself says, “with force and vigor.”

While Warren Farrell is involved, so is Michael Kimmel. If you don’t know who these men are, please educate yourselves and quickly.

Register for this event here.

Do it.


Get the details, call in. Use Paul’s advice. Angry, strident, nasty words are to be avoided. Firm, reasoned, logical words are best.

Let’s do this thing.

UPDATE: I received an email confirmation of my registration and all the details of the call-in schedule. Lots of west coast SWPL, politically correct drivel. Here are some of the call-in topics. My comments in bold

Relationship With A Tigress: Strong Women and the Yogic Tradition What’s with all the yoga? OK, so I bend my body into a pretzel to help cope with a bossy and domineering woman. Got it.

“Evolutionize” Your Manhood, Your Life, and Your World Yeah, whatever.

The Dear Woman Controversy (And What it Means for Men’s Awakening) Gay Hendricks and Arjuna Ardagh get to apologize to the guys for creating the worst video ever made? Sweet!

Morning Practice: Invocation and Mantra Meditation for Men Let’s meditate our way to emasculation! Yay!

Shapeshifting: Shamanic Practices to Transform Yourself and Your World No comment

Understanding Women: Unlocking the Great Mystery Um, we know this already, we’re the Manosphere

Sacred Activism: Focusing the Sacred Masculine’s Spiritual Power on Political Action SWPL douchebags pushing for a political agenda

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