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Good Frame: Statements, Not Questions

As it turns out, my date has done some Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) therapy to help tone down here fierce career drive. Yeah, she’s a “career woman” in the classic Forbes model. [Note: that article and subsequent comments galvanized a lot of MRM and MGTOW types to start the Manosphere… if any one has a link to the library of comments, please post it up here]

As quite a few PUA practitioners know, NLP is an element of Game. It’s interesting that a career woman would pursue NLP. I told her about Game and it turns out that she already knows about it. Her comment was priceless: “Game is also all about sex, too.”

As for the frame element, I was quite candid about it. As she was leaving today and after a fine weekend, I said “I’ll walk you to your car.”

Seven words and so much implied.

A few years ago, I would have asked “Can I walk you to your car?”

The question versus the statement.

During the attraction phase, a question is alpha.

During the comfort phase, a question is beta.

I told her about the shift in my mindset as we we were walking to the car. “I don’t ask questions anymore.”

She presented another priceless response: “I’m glad you made the statement.”

“I’m a man. I take the lead.”

She kissed me passionately.

“I love men.”

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12 thoughts on “Good Frame: Statements, Not Questions

  1. Solid marks for social geometry.

    I’m curious, I’m a few years younger than you, and have sworn off single mothers. I dated one once, and now I need time to re-assess. I don’t have a prejudice against them, but I admit it really threw my masculinity into question. I suspect once I am over 45 I won’t have these issues anymore. But, to be completely frank, do you have or have you ever had reservations about dating a single mom? I’m guessing you are at a stage of life where you are mature enough not to give a flying rat’s ass what anybody thinks. If this is case, respect.

    • Given the local demographics and my age, swearing off single mothers is tantamount to swearing off most single women in my area.

      I am very much conflicted about single moms. I really don’t care about what others think but I also don’t like my dating schedule determined by a family court judge (visitation).

      What it comes down to are these two words: soft harem.

  2. One advantage of single moms is that you dont have to be in their life all of the time, because she needs to be with her kids. The girl I’m dating has no children and plenty of free time…if I told her I wanted more space it would bring her to tears. With single moms, you can have a lot of space, at least initially.

    I would imagine problems develop when the kids enter the picture. If they are well behaved and dont stress out single mom, then great. But otherwise, it can blow the sex.

    So what is single mom? A seven? Enquiring minds want to know.

  3. Just an observation: I went out dancing tonight and saw a woman who appeared to be about 45 who was an eight…dressed girly girl in a skirt and heels. I dancea a swing with her and she smiled at me the whole time and was a very pleasent conversationalist.

    I was absolutely stunned. This is the kind of women that ALL women should be at 45, but extremely few are *slaps face*

    This country absolutely sucks for women.

  4. Nice work. I have been working my “statement game” in dates.

    It’s killer for ending a date, with “let’s do this again” instead of can I see you again?

    “I’m a man. I take the lead.”

    Awesome. Way to AMOG guys who aren’t there (an advanced game skill).

  5. Im impressed that single Mom is receptive to a conversation about Game. Also, is she receptive to conversation over evo psych concepts, like hypergamy? I would LOVE to talk to women about something like this but they usually end it with me if I do.

    If she is receptive to this convo, it would be interesting to find out if she admits to hypergamy, and her justification for it. It would seem to me that it would be difficult for a woman to admit to this when just about all of them will tell you they are attracted to only “equals”.

  6. Adriana on said:

    /single mom, is a very smart woman.

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