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One Online Dating Profile – Two Cities

A new colleague at work has provided a rare opportunity to look at the differences between two cities in regards to online dating profile response rates.

Justin has recently relocated from Tampa, Florida to Miami, Florida. Along with his possessions, he also brought his Plenty of Fish online dating profile. Justin is 29, average height and weight, and works a decent white collar job.

He used Plenty of Fish back in Tampa and is using the same online dating profile in Miami. Here is the text portion of the profile:

centerbound – The Bottom Dweller: I am the most humble person I know.


Guitar    Percussion
Reading    Quantum Mechanics
Song Writing
Sexually harassing chicks at work
flogging the dolphin on ChatRoulette

About Me

I’m Justin. I do what I want, when I want to. I can only describe myself as the manna from heaven itself. As looks go, I am so aesthetically pleasing even hardcore lesbians wink at me occasionally. I only put “average” for body type on my profile because the selection for “Greek god chiseled out of f***ing bronze” seems to be missing from the drop-down. If I had to write a newspaper personal, it would read something like this…”Young talented stud looking for a married woman who wants to make her husband jealous in order to procure expensive gifts from him.” It’s probably a very good thing I am not a fish. I read recently on the LiveScience website that fish with large sexual organs can’t swim as fast, so they’re more likely to get eaten by predators. I’m really just on this site because all the attractive women I meet bore me. I like to tickle girls until they cry just so I can hold and comfort them while they sob in my arms. So anyway, basically I am looking for a shy, insecure, socially anxious chick who will defer to me on just about everything.
I am quite new to Miami, and though I am adjusting well, I find the culture of flagrant materialism here quite disgusting, and frankly jaw-dropingly disturbing.

He has seven very decent photos that mostly highlight his face. While he’s no George Clooney, he’s also not  repulsive. I would say that he is above average in his overall appearance. After talking to him, I found him to be pleasant and friendly with a good sense of humor. As a bonus, he also knows Game.

His profile text is quite clever and comes across as cocky and funny, a challenging prospect indeed. Of course, why he included the bit about flogging the dolphin and sexually harassing chicks is beyond me. Maybe it’s an age thing. I’ll ask him about that. I can certainly understand why he put in the update about the incredible materialism here in South Florida.

While living in Tampa, Justin claimed an amazing 40% favorable response rate to his outgoing Plenty of Fish messages. I have no reason not to believe him. His response rate here in South Florida is less than 10%, a rate that mostly matches my response rate to outgoing messages. There can be any number of reasons for this huge response rate difference. There are fewer young people (under 34) in Tampa. It is a more polite city (mid-western ethos) and it’s certainly less materialistic.

A further analysis would be an interesting exercise and I’ll leave that to the commenters who know more about such things. The point is that geographical/cultural differences lead to differences in the approach to online dating. I have always recommended that a man do his research before posting a profile on a particular online dating website. Going beyond that, I also recommended that a man edit is profile regularly to find what works best in his particular locale.

Please note that a man should never look at female profiles to see what women say they want. Women never tell the real truth when stating in words what they are looking for in a man.

“Looking for a nice guy”… snort, chuckle, guffaw.


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9 thoughts on “One Online Dating Profile – Two Cities

  1. It raises the question as to whether SMV is an absolute or relative measure. If it is relative, than it looks like his dropped when he moved to Miami. This could be because the women in Miami metro, on average, have a higher SMV vs the women in Tampa metro (Miami women are on average hotter), and therefore are more entitled on average, and so he does not meet the threshold of attractiveness in Miami like he did in Tampa.

    Could also be that average female Miami SMV = average female Tampa SMV, but the women are more stuck up in Miami, and more modest in Tampa, despite having the same SMV. I have heard the Miami metro is the gold-digger capital of the US. Maybe if he included pics of a yacht and mansion he would have better luck.

    Its funny how the cocky funny approach of his profile is so attractive to women and yet if a woman wrote that profile, we would hate it and write her off as “entitled” I attribute this to the differences of what is attractive to men versus women.

    Well, he’s better off there than where I live in the Ohio valley. Im getting the eye from fatties *sigh*.

  2. Justin has a decent POF profile.I just think that the “Im the most humble guy” line was AFC’ish(unless it was sarcasm).
    I liked the lines of harrassing girls and the dolphin thing(lol);my profile has similar ballsy stuff.Women are never weirded out by that-just intrigued.
    But its’ weird that he gets such a low success rate in MIA.This’ puzzling to me.

    • Centerbound on said:

      My Original Line up until a few days ago, was “Run Away, Little Girl”, I thought the new tag line might be better because the profile is soooo egotistical, what would be more egotistical than saying “I am the most humble person I know:. It fits with the direction of the profile I thought, not that I am extremely happy with changing it but, read the profile, yes, it is meant to be sarcastic, just don’t know if I need to “dumb it down”, what do you think?

    • Centerbound on said:

      The tagline could be a bit AFC’ish, I just changed it to that a couple days ago, before it was “Run away, little girl” (something I got from somewhere but can’t remember exactly), Think I should change it back? Also I just added the chatRoulette thing and sexually harassment stuff to my interest a couple days ago as well, I realized i needed to make that interesting even though its a section almost all people just kind of glance over. The First Date section is blank, I am determined to come up with something outrageous/funny this weekend to put in, a great way to close out the profile you know?

  3. Centerbound on said:

    Hey all, This is Justin (Centerbound), and I thank you Private Man for our discussions at work, and that you would put my profile as a topic of conversation on your blog, I look forward to everyones comments and insights about it. So yes… absolutely I am using a David Deangelo approcah of cocky funny. And even going to the point of overboard to a sense of sick sense of humor almost? But yet I can’t imagine that (as the way it’s written) people don’t “get” it. They did in Tampa bay, As mentioned, I would at least get a response 40 percent SOLID easy in the Bay area, after taking a night of sending emails, I would end up with 5 different conversations, to the point it became difficult to keep up with, and that was one night of sending out emails. I do have to say, I haven’t sent out THAT many emails in Miami yet, so I can’t give you accurate stats yes, (I have been waiting to get paid from my new job here (can’t take a girl out with no money) before getting into it real serious. I will send out many emails, just for more accurate stat response purposes. But yes, so far my vibe I am getting is that it is very different here in the Miami area. And I can’t figure out the difference. Obviously you can all see I am taking a David DeAngelo’s approach to cocky funny, really to the extreme almost, to where you can’t not “get it” but chicks aren’t. “getting it” it seems, I would Love all of the communities input on your all’s perspective. BTW, I was talking to Private Man at work, and discussing different approaches to profiles, I am 29, so my range is 22(23)-33. which lends itself to a different approach. Also, My emails to girls have an interesting subject header, I come across as charming (silver tongue devil if you will) and customize every email to the ladies profile, using what they have said, so that they know I have read it. My discussion with Private Man at work was good, and I think a charming email with details about their profile so they know I read it clashes with the profile personality.. causing intrigue as to who I really am and causing them to respond to find out. at least merely out of curiosity. What do you all think,(worked well in the bay area) but I’d love input as things are so different in Miami than Tampa bay area.
    -Centerbound (Justin)

    • ZLX1 on said:

      How long have you been running this profile in Miami?

      • Centerbound on said:

        I just moved here in mid-late April, so a month and a half going on 2 months? As I said, I haven’t been blasting many emails at all, I came down here to take a job as the Tampa market is pretty bad. So I kind of been holding off on sending many emails till I get some paychecks…. gotta have something to offer 🙂

  4. @Centerboard-Nah bro’,sounds cool to me.Keep doing your thing;cool POF profile.

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