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50,000 Blog Views – Congratulate Me, Dammit

I started this blog back in mid-February of this year so it’s been on the Manosphere for over three months now.

As of today, I have had 50,000 views. I suspect that this amount of traffic is exceedingly modest in the general scheme of the blogging portion of the ‘Net. Yet this is a milestone for me and more readership than I had thought possible for a single author blog. I am sure the multi-author blogs like The Spearhead and In Mala Fide get far more monthly views.

This blog is also more personal than the Manosphere writers who cover bigger social issues. I have resisted delving into such socio-political subjects because I would much rather help men with dating and relationships than railing against [insert your most hated socio-political issue here]. There are some superb blogs that cover such things with amazingly thoughtful writing and nicely distilled bile and vitriol.

To stick with my goal of helping guys with dating and relationships, I am going to try something interesting – online dating profile help for guys over 35 years old. I simply don’t relate well enough to the younger generation to be of any use in that area. Sorry, whiteboykrispy.

I’m going to be sticking a PayPal button in the right-hand column. If you want help with your online profile, throw me a few bucks and send me a follow-up email (emailtheprivateman at gmail) with your original profile. We’ll do a some back and forth via email and then you’ll get a profile makeover for you to copy and paste.

Of course, if you’d like to throw me a few bucks because you find my blog entertaining, I won’t throw the money back. The Private Man needs beer money so he can swill suds while writing pithy and entertaining prose.

Of course, I must heap great praise on the commenters who have added wisdom and keen observations with their comments on my posts. Frankly, I see the comments as the real hallmark of blog success. Most every comment has been thoughtful and intelligent. I am flattered indeed.

Lastly, I am proud to be part of the general Manosphere where some outstanding blogs reside. My blogroll has many of these and each time one of my posts is cross-referenced in a quality blog (Dalrock, for example), I’m quite thrilled. It’s like being published in print. Print, remember that?

In looking at the daily response rates and the referring websites, it’s clear that I get most referrals from the big Manosphere socio-political blogs such as Hawiian Libertarian and In Mala Fide. This is likely because those readers are also interested in elements of Game and how men deal with women, dating, and relationships within the broader context of Manosphere socio-political ideas.

I also get some referrals from more relationship (or Game) oriented blogs such as Dalrock, Athol Kay, and most recently, Haley’s Halo. This is also good stuff and encourages general discourse on subjects that are important to me.

The vast majority of my blog’s views are unattributed to inbound links. This tells me that readers are actively looking for new posts. Once again, flattering. One reader in particular raised my eyebrows quite a lot. Extraordinarily perceptive and intelligent she is… resourceful, too.

It’s difficult to post every day yet it’s rewarding to have high volume traffic days when I do post. As I can muster maybe four posts a week (on average), I am reasonably content to receive about 3000 views weekly.

Blogging on!


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24 thoughts on “50,000 Blog Views – Congratulate Me, Dammit

  1. Congrats, man. You’re an important part of the sphere.

  2. Got there faster than I did!

    Well done.

  3. wingman on said:

    Congratulations PM! Well-earned and well-deserved. When it comes to blogging the man-world, you got the knack. May you reach 100K in time for post-fireworks game, and double that in time for scary-costume game.

  4. Congrats! There is hope for the little blogs, like yours and mine. We don’t have multiple authors, and I had very few readers when I started mine several years ago. Gradually it caught on, to the point that earlier this year I had 57,000 blog views in one day. Not bad for a single issue blog that depresses the hell out of most of our readers because the stories we report are so awful. Keep plugging, my friend.

    • First a comment from Athol and now a comment from Pierce.

      You guys are legends in the Manosphere. I am humbled for my modest blogging efforts.

      I’ve been noodling over an idea… a Manosphere convention where all the big and small voices can actually meet and solidify things over beer and some fine oratory. It would be a diverse group. Of course, the MGTOW guys would get their own room away from everything else. The PUA guys would be quite busy selling DVDs and exchanging openers and neg lines. Haley would be trolling for dates (alphas only need apply). Susan Walsh would be giving at least five separate lectures to adoring fans. We’d have to fly in Workshy Joe because he’s a lazy git. The Roissy brigade would show up anonymously and secretly buy Athol’s book. Roosh wouldn’t make it because he’d be in Kenya learning the nuances of East Africa Game as opposed to West Africa Game. Whiteboykrispy would be doing shots and then passing out. Badger would be in the thick of things but in a subtle, Game-like way. The In Mala Fide crew would be starting a righteous riot by accusing everyone else of being a Whiteknight or a Mangina. The Spearhead dudes (ahoy Welmer!) would be in charge of all things misandry and socio-political and then proceed to buy the In Mala Fide crew beer and cigars. Marc Rudov would be a guest speaker but would falter when none of the CNN dip-ditzes appear. Tom Leykis would do a live broadcast. GL Piggy would be holding court at the beer tent. Sofia would be there to post 1000 times on her blog in fifteen minutes. Obsidian would, of course, hold a contest for the longest soliloquy ever on race issues (he would win). Dr. Tara Palmatier would have the most popular breakout session. Paul Elam would be a co-host with Tom Leykis for the live broadcast. Hawaiian Libertarian would be waxing poetic at random moments, regardless of the speaking schedule. Athol would have a booth to sell his books but with a break every hour to have sex with his wife. Pierce would be busy culling horrible stories about false rape accusations and be crowned as the event buzz-kill. As all this is happening, I would be cleaning the toilets.

      Did I miss anyone?

  5. Phoenix on said:

    Congrats, PM.

  6. Just discovered this blog via Haley.

    Outstanding. Absolutely outstanding.

  7. Fuck you!

    Just kidding. I love you, man. NMH

  8. Congrats, PM.

    It’s all good about not being able to help, I’ll just have to learn the hard way. Doesn’t seem like there’s much for me in my area anyway other than BBBBBBBWs and laughs.

  9. By the way, hows your idea about starting seminars panning out?

    • It’s the marketing that is proving to be the hardest part. I have no money for advertising and the couponing websites (Living Social and Groupon, for example) want half of how much I am charging after they cut the price in half. So, in order to make any money and also cover the drinks and appetizers per head, I would have to charge $100 through the couponing websites. I don’t know about that.

      I put one listing under “Classes” on Craigslist and I will be putting several more in the Craigslist personals. This is a start.

      Also, I will continue to try to hit up the singles groups for a possible cross-promotion.

      The class curriculum outline is mostly done (very different than what I posted here on my blog) and that will form the basis of a cool PowerPoint presentation.

  10. ZLX1 on said:

    Congratulations Dammit!

  11. Glad to see you taking time to survey the landscape. I view you as something of a cohort-mate, brothers in a generation, as we started blogging around the same time. here’s to many more fine posts!

  12. Congrats privateman!

  13. Nice work Private Man! I have no question your hit count will continue growing from here!

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