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Online Dating… Never Give Out Your Personal Email

While it might seem logical to use personal emails once dating has commenced, it’s actually a bad idea for two reasons:

1. Personal emails are just that, personal. While you might be dating a woman, you might not know if she is batshit crazy. With a personal email address, a batshit crazy girl can wreak havoc on your email account. Use the online dating website as your point of digital contact along with the texts and phone calls. Of course, having a separate cell phone just for dating purposes is also good advice.

2. If using the online dating website as your point of digital contact, you have an excuse to keep logging in to your online dating account. Keep sending out online messages to your regular dating partner via the online dating website and also use the time to check out new, potential dating opportunities. If you get flak for doing this, this means your dating partner is doing the exact same thing and call her out on this.

You’re welcome.


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4 thoughts on “Online Dating… Never Give Out Your Personal Email

  1. Hughman on said:

    New smartphones come on the whole with inbuilt number blocking.

    I like to get them off the dating site asap. I use Skype & MSN. They get my Facebook after a first date or a number of skype calls that have resulted in investment (aka dirty pics or them camming for me)

  2. Good advice, or, get a dummy email address you use only for online dating (gmail etc give them out literally for free). Then you can move communication from the site to that account as you escalate, only giving her your honest to God day to day email when she’s your girlfriend.

    It’s also good for keeping online dating traffic out of your daily view. I’ve found I need to keep that stuff off my radar screen or I go gaming 24/7.

    I encourage everybody to have a secondary account they use for incidental communication that doesn’t belong in your urgent personal inbox (I have a third account I use for spam signups too).

  3. I think you guys are missing the point.

    The online dating websites track when you log in and that information is displayed publicly. If you are dating someone fairly regularly and want to avoid the “why are you still logging in to that online dating website?” issue, just maintain some electronic communication through the online dating website.

    The downside is that the woman you are dating can also check profiles as you are doing the same.

  4. Google has the perfect tools for this operation. Get a Gmail account specifically used for online dating and get a Google Voice number. Both connect really easy to iPhone and Android.

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