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I’m Thinking Of Offering A Class… Input Needed

Two days ago I was sitting at my favorite wine bar talking to the owner, Michael, about Game, women, hypergamy, online dating and other subjects near and dear to my heart. Michael and I go back about seven years and I consider him a friend and source of wisdom. He’s in his mid-50s, never married, no kids, and currently single but dates ruthlessly. After we were talking for awhile, he said, “You should offer a class in this stuff.”

I’m a former teacher, computer trainer, and presenter.  Hell, I’ve even done a bit of stand up and improvisational comedy through classes I took a few years ago. Frankly I love teaching and being in front of a crowd.

“Interesting idea” I replied.

“You could market it through Groupon or Living Social.” Michael knows about marketing and promoting because he does it for his wine shop/bar.

“I’ll give that idea some thought.”

Yesterday, I was back over at the wine bar and asked Michael if I could do the classes there. He told me that he often rents out his place for the night so that companies and organizations can do presentations. He also told me that he has a screen for PowerPoint stacks and can shift his wine racks to accompany up to 40 people at a time. Finally, he offered wine as part of the cost of the class because a class there would generate future business for him.

Now things are getting promising and exciting.

All last night I was thinking about how to do this class and what to present in a 90 minute span of time.

My preliminary thoughts:

Target audience: Men over 45 (how to keep the women out of the class so as not to have the possibility of disruption?)

Class length: 90 minutes with a break for smokes, talk, and wine.

Time: 7:30PM to 9:00PM on a weeknight

Location: Michaels’s wine bar (of course) in the Fort Lauderdale area

Class Name: Meeting Women Successfully – For Men Over 45

Cost: Haven’t a clue

Marketing: Groupon, Living Social, word of mouth (anything that’s free)

Class Outline:

1. What you will learn (and what not) and warnings about being politically incorrect

2. My credentials and bona fides.

3. About women

A. What they want (confidence, security, social value)

B. The social expectation and the biological imperative (feminism, female independence, hypergamy!)

C. The rationalization hamster (aspirational lying, “never settle”, etc.)

4. Being the man women are attracted to (overview on looking and sounding confident)

A. Appearance (clothes,  fitness, grooming, etc.)

B. Possessions (home, car, toys, etc.)

C. Presence  (conversation, posture, voice, lifestyle etc.)

D. Social Skills (breaking bad habits, how to practice, etc.)

5. Meeting women

A. Day Game (openings, IOIs, conversation, closing etc)

B. Online Dating (profiles and process)

C. Singles groups and events

D. Other venues (dance classes, civic organizations, set up from friends, etc.)

6. Dating (when, where, how, tips, what not to do, etc.)

7. Long term relationships and marriage…shudder (provide a link to Athol)

8. Further resources (Manosphere links)

9. Questions and answers

So, what I have I missed and what would you recommend I change?

The point of the class is to give men solid information that they can actually use to successfully meet women. I’m also limited to 90 minutes but if it’s going well, it could go longer.

If this does really well, I will offer the classes on a regular basis and maybe offer advance classes. If it makes good money, I will be happy to donate to the big Manosphere blogs.


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16 thoughts on “I’m Thinking Of Offering A Class… Input Needed

  1. That’s awesome news privateman.

    I’d ask Michael about how much money to charge. Best of luck.

    Keep us all posted on how it goes and consider getting someone to record the event so that you could market it on DVD.

  2. Cool idea, Id take your class if I lived nearby, but I have no plans to travel to FL at this time. One possibility is to use “DocLove” as a model If you buy is $100 CD set one of them is an audio recording of an actual class he taught– he has the charm of a great salesman although somewhat disorganized, what he teaches is Basic Inner Game before it was codified by the PUA’s.

    As far as I an tell his whole business is selling these CD’s and giving classes. You can check out his website.

    It would be great if somehow we can evaluate your class from a video recording, and then we can also see how fat, bald, and pale you are. Ha ha.

  3. “It would be great if somehow we can evaluate your class from a video recording, and then we can also see how fat, bald, and pale you are. Ha ha.”

    The Manosphere is a cold, cold room.

  4. And Balls on said:

    so this first class will be an intro or teaser?

    • Intro and overview only.

      As I have no bigger product or service to offer, there will be no up-selling. However, I will ask the participants if they are interested in other classes or services.

      I really think that a live class has a far greater impact than online or DVD programs and systems.

  5. CSPB on said:

    I have also been told that I should teach classes in this stuff. I have not figured out how to market it and who would be interested. I have also thought about doing it in a bar on a weeknight. There are Community Education classes offered in many places on lots of esoteric topics, so that might be a good way to market it. Your post got me thinking.

    With the outline you have, you could do several classes. At some point you should bring in some pre-selected women for guys to practice their interactions. Some women would have fun helping men learn Game.

  6. anonymous on said:

    I would like to see critiques of real-life dating situations: where do guys go wrong and where do they go right? I would not want to see movie clips or any other scripted situations. Scripts of successful game are posted in the Manosphere, but I would like to see body language and hear the tone of a man’s voice to see how to run good game. Some insight can be gleaned from watching dating shows, but more could be gained from commentary geared to helping men walk through the minefield of dating.

  7. Stephenie Rowling on said:

    That sounds good. I think the title “How to meet women for guys over 45” should be enough deterrent for any woman to enroll. I will change it a bit to something like “How to attract women or how to enter the dating game and win:guys over 45 version” would be more effective titling meeting women sounds vague and not inviting enough.

    I think you should offer personal coaching at the end of the class for the ones interested so if they have specific situations they can tell you and you can guide them. Charge something reasonable per hour and use something catchy like “you will get laid in 7 days or money back!” 7 days is an abstract number use any amount that seems realistic.

    This is a great idea I believe.If manosphere were more united we should have this class for men under 45 and over 45, men that want to get married and women that want to get quality men…*le sigh*

    Good luck!

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  9. It’s all a lot easier and cheaper to just hire relatively pricey call girls in certain parts of Europe.

  10. Looking over the posts and comments on this site, I get the distinct impression everyone here is OBSESSED WITH WOMEN. wtf?

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