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Single Men Over 40 and Facebook

My advice is simple – never use Facebook for any reason except to communicate/post with the closest of friends and family.

If you are compelled by family (especially the younger generation) to set up a Facebook account, then do so but keep your Facebook account sealed off from anyone outside your circle of close friends and family. Your information must be kept as private as possible. There is an added bonus to this – you can keep something of an aura of mystery about you, this is a good thing.

Never, ever give a woman you are dating access to your profile. Never even talk about Facebook at all. If she asks about your account and you have one, simply tell her “I use Facebook to communicate and post only with my close family and we keep family matters private.”

Only when you enter a serious, committed long term relationship should you give her access.

However, if a new woman you are dating has open access to her Facebook account and she tells you how to find it, by all means check her stuff regularly, just don’t post anything on her wall. If she asks if you are looking at her Facebook account, be honest but cavalier and make no judgments, “I glanced at it a couple of times” and then change the subject.

If you are a serious Facebook user with an all access account and it’s easy to find, you’ll need to be very prudent with your wall posts, photos, and your relationship status. Thankfully, the privacy settings can be set so that certain elements of your personal information won’t be revealed.

Do you need to know about the Facebook privacy settings and how to change them? Go here: (

Social media can be a great way to share personal information. It can also be used against you in the world of Dating 2.0.

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3 thoughts on “Single Men Over 40 and Facebook

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  2. blogster on said:

    Agreed. I think Roissy wrote about this a month or so ago. While as an observer I am impressed with the Facebook phenomenon, in the whole it is generally used by chicks as another avenue for whoring attention and for beta boys to ‘like’ their inane status updates, attention seeking pictures etc.

    I use the security measures very carefully – I have work colleagues as friends but they can see very little information (no friends list, only selected pictures, no current location etc.)

    HOwever, if used with the correct frame of mind, it can be used to good effect – selected pictures of you in interesting locations, doing exciting things, with friends, attractive women etc., can serve as a brief advertisment of your positive attributes.

    But as you say, NEVER buy into a girl’s Facebook frame unless you know her well. But even then be selective – I have good female friends who i will interact with, but within topical constraints and NEVER when they write an attention seeking post.

  3. villareal maria on said:

    hello anybody home

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