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An Alpha Moment

“Private Man, what do you think about this…”

This is from Cynthia, one of my recruiters/agents. She’s made a great deal of money from me over the past few years and only calls me when she knows she has a good potential writing assignment.

She asks me some questions about a contract opportunity. It’s not actually writing, it’s about a management job that involves lots of writing. The requirements are easy for me, things that I have done well over the years. Writing about medical technology in an audited environment is something I know.

I volunteer to write her some bullet points to help sell me into this assignment.

“Oh, Private Man, you are the best.”

My alpha moment was manifested by this quick and natural response:

“I know I am.”

I could feel the tingles over the phone.

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4 thoughts on “An Alpha Moment

  1. it took me a couple of years of reading in the manosphere before I could figure out when I had alpha moments. About a month ago I was BR dancing with some woman younger than me and I made some slight about her height; I had realized I had delivered the perfect neg.

    When the dance was over, she gave me a huge “high 5”.


  2. MrLettuce on said:

    Thanks for all the advice, PrivateMan. I had a few “Alpha Moments” of my own on my last date.

    1) After dinner, and making out with her in the back of my car. We stayed in there for about 45 minutes, while a really nasty storm was going overhead. Finally, it was clearing, and remembering that I should leave her wanting more, I said:

    “The weather’s clearing, and you need to go home.”

    She let out a sad little sigh, and said “I guess you’re right.”

    2) After that, I stated, without a doubt in my voice, “We’re going to go out again next friday.”

    She readily agreed, reminding me that I have her number and facebook.


    I’m thinking of taking her to a shooting range, since she mentioned it. Any opinions on that, Private Man?

    • Always leave her wanting more…

      And you finished well with a statement, not a question. Too many men have been conditioned (brainwashed, really) to ask women permission. Stuff that.

      Take her shooting.

      Guns are alpha.

  3. MrLettuce on said:

    That’s what I was thinking. But, to be honest, I’ve never shot a gun before, so I have zero knowledge of how to set this up. I’ve been googling local ranges, and seeing if they have training courses or “date nights”, which some do.

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