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I Hope This Video Goes Viral

I love classical music. I’m also open to interesting interpretations of various famous works.

This is from a young ukulele performer in Hawaii. She is Taimani Gardner and I am extraordinarily impressed with her skills (hat tip to Gorbachev from over at Roissy).

And here I thought that the ukulele was only able to perform Hawaiian music. I have been soundly and thoroughly disabused of this notion.

J.S. Bach should be celebrating this version of his famous Toccata and Fugue in D Minor.

As an aside, I am always impressed by anyone – male or female – with artistic talent. This is one of the reasons that I am so desirous of T, the incredible artist. I started “dating” her over a year ago and sadly, I have not enjoyed the pleasure of her company in at least two months.

Oh, here’s another great song from a Hawaiian performer – Iz. He died from complications due to his obesity.

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One thought on “I Hope This Video Goes Viral

  1. Richard on said:

    Yup, she has skills to be able to play that fast.
    This song by IZ, is one of the few songs I have heard for no charge and then actually purchased the song.

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