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Check Out This Video!

I don’t know if the embedding feature works. If not, hit the link. Now.

“I don’t know… I mean…you could maybe… talk to the girl next to her? You know, make her feel jealous?”

“Hand of God, kid… I never felt like you were my son… until now.”

Tip of the ol’ hat to a Roissy comment.

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5 thoughts on “Check Out This Video!

  1. Oh my gosh. This clip is pure gold.

  2. Classic… Slap and all…What took you so long.

  3. Jonathan on said:

    Would that move really work? Getting slapped by her friend?

    • Actually, it probably wouldn’t. Women stick together and if one woman finds him repulsive enough to slap, her friend(s) would more than likely feel the exact same way.

      But the young man’s remark about talking to her friend to make her jealous is spot on.

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