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Where Are The Men Online?

Imagine that you’re a marketing specialist and your job is to sell a new widget to men. It might be a fine widget and if you could find the men, they might buy the widget.

Your boss tells you to find the men, sell this widget. Your boss gives you a big budget but not enough for TV advertising. You have only enough money for Internet advertising.

But you can’t find the men online.

There are scads of websites for women. Those websites are all about celebrity gossip, style advice, relationship advice (always wrong), shopping, and the like. Those websites are colorful, vibrant, and without serious content. Men don’t visit those websites.

But where are the men online?

Welcome to the manosphere.

It’s a wild and untamed place. It’s a place where men exchange ideas and discuss issues that are relevant to men. There are nasty words. There are insults and there is derision. There are ideas at which the SWPL clutch their chests and cry out “I’m coming Elizabeth!” Google Fred Sanford, please.

Single men are looking for ways to be more attractive to women. Married men are looking for ways to strengthen their relationships or get the hell out. There are discussions of politics. There are discussions of guns, body building, motorcycles, and all things that men love to pursue without the cloying interference of women. The beer is cold, the furniture is mismatched, the music is loud.

Manosphere blogs are bereft of pretty pictures and the other tactics necessary to attract the attention of women. Manopsphere blogs are heavy on words, light on graphics. Expect no political correctness in the manosphere. Political correctness is considered both a moral and intellectual weakness.

You found the men. Hooray you. So now you must sell your widget in a ferociously tough environment. Good luck. While women seek validation, men want truths. The words and ideas are so tough that what the few advertising opportunities seem like placing a billboard in a minefield. The manosphere simply doesn’t care. If the billboard you wish to plant in that minefield doesn’t contain essential truths relevant to men, it will be completely and utterly ignored.

Yep, welcome to the manosphere.

Logic and reason are concepts that rule here. Go ahead, try an emotional appeal to sell that widget. It will fail. Emotions are the realm of women and you are supposed to sell the widget to men.

How do you sell that widget in the manosphere? You don’t. You present that widget in a logical and rational way and you pray that enough men see that. Ah, but once enough men see that your widget solves a man-related problem the men will talk. They will post nice reviews and recommend that your widget is good and does indeed solve a problem. You will succeed in your marketing endeavors.

If that widget is poorly made and fails, the men will talk. “This widget sucks!” will be both the refrain and the chorus and those words will be spread widely. You will be fired from your marketing job unless the engineers (all men) are given the incentives to make a better widget. There are few widgets advertised in the manosphere because the marketers are mostly women. There are also few widgets advertised because men have a higher standard for the products they purchase.

As the manosphere grows, advertisers will come calling. They will want to sell their products and services here. If they don’t understand the essential nature of the manosphere, those advertisers will fail.

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