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Is This Thin?!?

I peruse profiles.

It’s what I do.

So, I find this profile of a 41 year old woman on Plenty of Fish. She describes herself in words thusly:

I’m a bright, sexy, classy woman who is seeking someone special to enhance my already great life. I like to have fun and am equally up for a night on the town as a quiet night at home cooking dinner and watching a movie. I can throw a mean dinner party. I love to dance. I have amazing kids, a wonderful family, great friends…I’m a very lucky girl.

OK, fair enough. It’s rather generic.

She also describes her body type as thin.

Here is the only photo that shows her more than just a head and shoulders view:

This is “thin”?!

This is average. Note how her hips are wider than her shoulders. This is aspirational lying at it’s best/worst. The rest of her photos all show just head and shoulders shots. She’s not unattractive by any means. But thin? Nice try, cupcake.

This is a better example of thin:

Note the more slender arms and the hips.

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9 thoughts on “Is This Thin?!?

  1. Yes, it appears that “normal healthy weight” = “thin” in the wacky world of online dating. “curvy” = “obese” as well.

  2. Plenty of Fish has several body type categories – thin, athletic, average, slightly overweight, and big & tall/bbw.

    I only search for thin and athletic as everything else is too overweight for my preferences. Even athletic sometimes yields overweight.

    This is an issue all over the online dating websites. If I were to advise women on how to maximize their opportunities and options with online dating I would tell them only two words: Lose weight.

  3. Hughman on said:

    The new average is now overweight, so she technically isn’t lying.

    The issue with ‘body type’ catergories on dating sites is you can’t use it as a filter. Some girls are truthful (eg curvy means just that, not overweight) Others put joke statuses up like ‘used up’ (at age 20)

  4. Plenty of Fish does offer filtering for body type. I believe does as well. I can’t speak for OKCupid because I no longer have an account there.

    • Hughman on said:

      I meant as a filter, body type is useless due to lying. I use OKCupid, but it doesn’t seem to have much of a hold in the UK. Just started using PoF, but it seems so messy! Got any advise on how to use it effectively? (*blog article, hin hint* 😛 )

  5. That would make a very good blog article indeed. As for PoF, it’s big in North America, I can’t say about across the pond. There might be a better, more local alternative that is more in line with the bangers and mash crowd. Funny, I lived in the UK for a year way back when.

    PoF looks messy but it’s effective. I need to find that book I started about online dating because it addresses the specifics you are likely looking for.

    Yes, It will indeed make a good blog post.

  6. That is such a generic and uninterested profile statement. Again, trying to appeal to everyone instead of being highly appealing to some and unappealing to others.

  7. Marvelous White Male on said:

    Yes, in today’s overweight America, that is indeed thin.

    And she looks the same size as the woman in the 2nd pic. The only reason why she looks a tad thinner is because she’s standing at an angle, otherwise her hips are also wider than her shoulders.

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