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Beware the Fake Online Dating Profile!

Fake profiles are the minefield of online dating.

Does the photo look too good? Is there only one photo? Do the words seem generic and written by the Online Dating Profile Robot? Does a woman in North Dakota like long walks on the beach? It could be a fake profile.

There are scammers, pranksters, and attention whores everywhere. Even fee-based online dating websites have fake profiles.

Let’s be honest, should you receive a wink, a favoriting, a message, or an IM from a hot babe in her twenties with a gorgeous photo are you going to fall for it? Unless you’re devastating handsome, shockingly intelligent, unbelievably witty, and amazingly affluent (with the the award-winning profile to back it up), why would such women be reaching out to you? If we expect women to be honest with themselves, we men must be just as honest.

The biggest giveaway is the photo. A photo which looks like a scan from a fashion magazine is usually just that – someone has scanned something from a magazine or hit up Google images for a “pretty girl”. There’s usually just one photo because only the most recognizable pretty girls have more than one photo.

The second biggest indicator of a fake profile is the language. It’s incredibly easy to copy and paste a generic profile and way too many women have the repeat language of the generic profile. Here is an example of the typical, unimaginative and rather generic profile that way too many women write:

I’m a friendly, easy going, fun loving person. I’m very active and like to keep busy. I enjoy having get togethers with my family and friends which always includes food and wine. I’m honest, thoughtful and loyal.

I’m adventurous and love to travel and would like to meet someone that has similiar interests.

It only took five nanoseconds to find one. I kept the spelling mistakes intact. Yes, it’s from a real profile and is amazingly similar to about a zillion other profiles I have read.

Worse, a woman will find a great photo of someone else and write real words behind it. Have fun on that first date when the svelte, beautiful woman online turns out to be a walrus in real life. In effect, it’s a fake profile.

Additionally, the English may not be quite right. The profile or the message to you is just a bit off. Words are put in the wrong places. Now, if you happen to live in a city where many people are not native English speakers, then you might have run across a real profile by a woman who is still mastering English.

The third biggest indicator of a fake profile is a short list of requirements in the man, especially age. A hot babe is seeking a man from 25 to 50?!? Oh, pah-lease. I know that some men are dense. I know that some men are after poontang and nothing else. Regardless, let’s be real. If you think she’s out of your league, she likely is and it’s likely to be a fake profile. Note – this does not apply to real life Game. We’re only talking about online dating.

Another huge indicator of a fake profile? She’s not from this country. She’s from Russian or Nigeria? Block those profiles, move on. Please, it’s for the sake of your self esteem and your wallet.

There has been some discussion on other blogs that some online dating websites create the fake profiles to lure guys into signing up or continuing to pay. I have only experienced this once or twice I got a wink from an attractive women and when I went to check on the profile, it had suddenly been yanked within minutes. It was kind of odd but as I was already corresponding with several women, I wasn’t disappointed at the deleted profile.

Gentlemen, beware the fake profile. If you see one, post it up here.

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