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If She Describes Her Shape as Average (Online Dating Profile)

She’s fat.

Americans have a fat problem.

We’re fat.

Dangerously so.

Average is the new fat. If you’re a fat guy, describe yourself as average. All the cool (and fat) kids are doing it.

Shit, if you’re 100 pounds overweight… you’re average now. Happy happy joy joy.

No discussion necessary.

All comments will be deleted.

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2 thoughts on “If She Describes Her Shape as Average (Online Dating Profile)

  1. You say here that “average” on dating websites = fat…

    Yet in another post called “Is this thin?” you complain about an actual average woman listing herself as “thin.”

    It seems like you’ve got the average women coming and going. I bet other people pointed this out, but you deleted their comments.

  2. My favorite are the ones which call themselves “athletic and toned” and are fat. This usually happens when you have a woman that was formerly somewhat athletic (ie played softball, volleyball) puts on the pounds. I met a woman like that–you can tell in the day she was pretty hot, but now Ms “Athletic and Toned” had a good sized beer gut.


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