A Reminder – Spring Break, 2013

Details here: http://theprivateman.wordpress.com/spring-break-2013/

This could be much fun.

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  1. I’m thinking: probably.

  2. thanks for posting the dates. now i can plan. i MIGHT have to take leave. but i really want to come down. i wish i could remember the place i wanted to book, it’s not far from your place.

  3. Good possibility I’ll come down. Would be great to meetup with the rest of the manosphere, especially guys like Remy and Gmac.

  4. Probably. Are you going to announce some kind of central get-together type event?

  5. Hamster Tamer

     /  January 14, 2013

    I gots ta get permit/permission to put a table some place on the beach or pier where not normally allowed… DHV on da cheap. ;^)

  6. yo whaddup private man. are you gonna hit any Strip Clubs.

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