Weekend Weirdness – Alphabet One Liners

Alpha – What betas should want to be

Beta – What women find unattractive

Cosmopolitan – Magazine or cocktail, useless for men

Dark Side – Game has two possible outcomes

Egregious – That’s a damned fine word


Giggity – Quagmire needs his own show

Horatio – CSI Miami is a rather ridiculous TV program

I – Ask a woman most anything and this is the first word she uses

Johnny Milfquest – What a tosser

Klaxon – Wake up!

Lazy – This blog post and my dog

Nice – Use it sparingly

Oppression – A feminist Olympic event

Party – Paging Bronan and Whiteboykrispy

Qwerty – Did you know this keyboard layout was created to make typists type more slowly?

Really? – No, seriously… really?

Shocker – I did that last night. She loved it.

Temerity – Another damned fine word

Uvula – It sounds kind of sexy, but it’s really not.

Vagina – No tingles, no vagina for you!

Wigger – Another sign of the cultural apocalypse

Xander – “Drawn Together” is some funny shit

You Tube – Bernard Chapin is cool

Zammo – No comment

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  1. I’m on a never ending quest to save…. dare i say it.. my BOYFRIEND!

    God i love Drawn Together

  2. My Name Is Jim

     /  September 25, 2011

    Off topic, in today’s gynocracy watch, Double X (home of Hanna Rosin and Amanda Marcotte) parrots a study saying teenage boys friendships with each other are not intimate enough, and this “has the potential to leave many boys isolated and emotionally insensitive later in life.” The article concludes “we’ve got to start helping boys become more sensitive, socially well-adjusted men.” I know, there’s about ten different female projections to unpack right there. And to think they still deny they are emasculating men. Boys are raised on shit like this and then we spend all this effort cleaning up the damage. I swear, it has me thinking about starting my own blog, it alarms me that much. Feminism’s quest to remake most men in women’s image is relentless and neverending.


    • just visiting

       /  September 26, 2011

      Education is a complete mess for boys. The schools are so anti masculine that when my children entered school, I became “that parent”. I used to believe that parents should make every effort to support their schools and their teachers. Until my sons became school aged. Private school was only a little better. Gender is not a construct, feminism is. I’m not sure what to do with my youngest. Homeschool? Really, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  3. “Johnny Milfquest – What a tosser”

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.


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